If your not practicing Ritual, your missing out! Big Time

Our ancestors have been doing rituals since the dawn of time. It helped keep them on track with the lunar phases, weather and seasons. Today we can use ceremony and ritual as a practice to keep us in alignment with the energies of the planetary events and seasons. With each event comes a different energy.

I grew up doing moon spells and rituals with my mom as a young girl I can remember doing some strange things. I honestly always thought they were a huge waste of time and didn’t understand them at all. But when I became an adult and I had no where else to turn and I needed some answers or actions, she reminded me to try a ritual. Wether it was needing assistance with a job I wanted to get or clearing the energy of an ex boyfriend, these rituals showed to be more effective than anything. So over the years as I went deeper into my self discovery and spiritual journey I used the planetary events to guide me through the things I wanted in my life. The basic flow started with the moon. I used the New moon to ask for what I wanted to bring in and I used the full moon to ask for what I wanted to release. Whenever there is a extra planetary event like a Winter Solstice that we had yesterday or a meteor shower or a lunar or solar eclipse I learn about the energies these events bring in and I base my ritual accordingly to that. I have also got my body in alignment with the moon so now every time I look up to the sky and see the moon I know exactly when I will get my blood.

Being in alignment with these powerful energies just enhances whatever it is you are trying to create and keeps you flowing with the universe.

A ceremony is a sacred intention you create for that ritual. You can start a ceremony by lighting a candle than you can ground yourself and get in the energy. This is all a ceremony is really. The more elaborate and intention goes into the ceremony, the stronger it will be. In my opinion, intention is โ€œmagicโ€ I mean its directly the same thing, magic is intention and intention is magic. If you want to create magic in your life focus on your intention.

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