Why Plant Medicine must be done in Ceremony

All of our ancestors have been working with plant medicines probably since the dawn of time. It’s found all throughout history dating back to 9000 BCE.  Before all this modern day craziness of technology, disconnection and numbness we lived in tribes, we had rights of passages and we had elders. The elders, shamans and medicine women would go into ceremony with plants and bring  back information to heal, guide and assist the tribe. A lot of tribes went into ceremony following the cycles of the moons and would all take the plants to stay connected to the ancestors and the spirit world. In our modern day civilizations we have forgotten about the spirt world. We don’t even know who our ancestors are and most of us are seeking healing but have no clue what we are even trying to heal.

From what I have come to understand, whatever traumas our ancestors went through that did not get resolved it gets passed down to their family members, this is a hive. We are all born into a hive that is woven and connected. In that hive we have karmas, we have contracts and we have cords. Everything is woven together and connected and anything that is unresolved must be resolved or it effects everyone in the hive. Our ancestors knew this and they worked together because they knew everything effected each other.

If you take the medicine in ceremony which means picking a sacred day, honoring and calling in the spirits, giving offerings, creating a safe and sacred space, setting an intention, being in safe company and asking the medicine for guidance, the plants will heal you. The medicine is intense so you need an elder with the tools to help you process what will be revealed, not only during the ceremony but after as well. Its so important to know how to process the information that has come through and to receive guidance for how to take the next steps for your healing. This medicine is not be taken lightly. If you don’t know how to process the information that has come through you could end up suppressing it back in and making it worse or being susceptible to darkness and falling into the wrong energies. When you open yourself up to these spirits and medicine, your vulnerable and if you don’t protect yourself, give offerings and set intention, the wrong spirits can come trolling in. Everything we do needs to be sacred. We live in the middle world but that doesn’t mean the lower world and upper world doesn’t exist. There are so many layers and pockets to our existence and if we don’t connect to them and ignore them, the wounds will never be healed. Everyone is wounded, all of our ancestors experience severe trauma. They were forced into religions, their languages were taken away from them, they were murdered, raped, starved and froze to death, people have been sacrificed, all of that has been passed down from hive to hive and we are the ones that need to wake up and start the healing process.  The medicine from our ancestors has come back for a reason, because we have so much to heal. But don’t forget the recipe; sacred, intention, ceremony.

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