We don’t “fall in love” we walk into karma.

It’s so interesting how we fall in love, why we are attracted to certain people,  to certain smells, to certain traits. Its no coincidence just as everything is in the universe. Theres so much happening behind the scenes and on a sub conscious level that if we pay attention we can learn so much.  I learned a while ago that when you “feel something” that’s a doorway and you should go through that door.  In Italy, they smell your skin to see if your compatible or not.  Our sub conscious speaks to us through these signs in order for us to heal. When you love a persons smell so much, that’s the signs that there is much to learn here. The smell keeps you drawn in, but the reason your being drawn in has deeper meaning.

Every relationship we have is connected by cords and contracts. There is a huge web of integrated karmic connections, key players and soul contracts all happening behind the scenes and our ancestors are orchestrating and holding space for all of it.

Whatever karma our ancestors didn’t complete gets passed down to us. It takes 7 decades to heal a karma. Whatever karma we didn’t complete gets passed down to our children and family ones. I call this inner web of connections a “hive” and in this hive we all have to heal and clean up the karmic debt. This healing once complete will help the planet, the thing that we are a living part of.

We need to focus on healing our inner hive, each of us. We must pay attention to what needs healing and stay awake and listen to every sign that’s coming our way.

Look at the person your with and ask yourself “what story am I trying to change”?

What happened to me in the past that I didn’t like the outcome?

In every relationship, you will always find a mirror to your past. If you look in that mirror, you will expand, heal and grow exponentially. If you don’t look in the mirror of the past, then you will keep repeating the same pattern with the same guy different face or same woman different face and just go through life thinking there is something seriously wrong with you.

Love is unconditional. We don’t truly love people with terms and expectations, that’s not love. Unconditional love is how you love your children, without judgement, with forgiveness, with understanding and no matter what they do you will just love them anyways. That is love. So the love stories are not love, we don’t “fall in love” we walk into karma.

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