How to use the energy of the Full Moon to let go and release

The full moon is the perfect time for completion and letting go. It means the cycle has completed and its time to release. This is the time our ancestors bled together and if you want to get your body in perfect rhythmic harmony you can too! I always know when my period is coming because all I need to do is look up at the moon. The moon has always been an important element in ceremonies and mysticism. Its powerful energy can assist us with the things we want to create wether its bringing in new things which is perfect at new moon or wether its getting rid of old things and closing chapters in our book.

I grew up doing ceremonies with my mom. they seemed silly at the time because nothing significant was happening we were either putting offerings in the ocean or lighting things to be burned or drinking some strange herbal brew that always tasted really bitter. These practices were just a normal part of my life. So when I got older and I would have a break up or a situation would happen I would naturally turn to the moon to use its energy in assisting whatever I needed help with. I eventually trained my body to bleed with the full moon which has been amazing because now I don’t need to keep track of anything I can just look up at the sky. And the energy of the moon combined with the intention of the things I want to release as well as the physical release with my blood makes for a very powerful ritual.

How to release things using the energy of the full moon.

Ceremonies and rituals are a lot simpler than you might think. It doesn’t have to be this elaborate thing. I do ceremonies every single morning and it consists of me lighting a candle, burning some palo santo, smudging my body and room, calling in my guides and setting an intention for the day. And that 5 minutes of clearing the air, connecting with guides and setting an intention makes such a huge difference for my day. Because something happens when you put energy into something and do it everyday, it becomes something of its own.

These full moon ceremonies have also become like that for me. Im always looking forward to the new moon and the full moon because I know they are the perfect time to get focused on what I want to bring in and what I want to release and since Im reading my goals everyday through my technique called frame writing and I constantly going inward and working on myself Im pretty organized when it comes time for the moon ceremonies.

Simple Ceremony:

For the Full moon what you can easily do is get a candle, a piece of paper and a pen. Write down everything you want to release and let go of. This could be things like I release my impatience. I let go of old beliefs about money. I let go of negative thoughts towards this person. I let go of fear about moving forward. I let go of self criticism. Or it could be the closing of a relationship or the closing of a project or job. Everything you want to close, this is the time.

The thing I have learned about these ceremonies and closing and bringing in new things is that it doesn’t happen over night after you light one candle. Its better if you do intention everyday and its better if you do ceremonies often at least twice a month but the key is to be consistent with the energy. Because whatever you feed will grow and the same goes for our intentions.

After you write on the paper just fold it up burn it with the candle and send the remains to the earth (without causing a fire) and ask the moon for assistance in releasing all these things.

Elaborate Ceremony:

Sometimes I like to make my ceremonies really special, especially if Im doing it with a group of people. You can add elements like earth, water, fire and air. And set up a circle with candles and inside put an alter using the elements. You can also set up the ceremony directly under the moon outside in nature. You can call in spirits to help you and you can take in the energy of the moon by moon gazing before the ceremony by staring at the moon. These elements make it more powerful. If you have more people you can each share the things you wrote down out loud to each other this also puts more energy on it, intensifying the intention.

The ceremony and the ritual can become your own special thing whatever you make of it.

If you decide to call in spirit and are familiar with working with your spirits make sure to protect your paper by putting x’s on each of the four corners and writing your full name backwards and the top of the page. This is a wicca practice to protect your magic.

Just remember there is no right or wrong way to do a ceremony. Its the act of repeated intention that gives it energy and makes it something special.


Full moon is also the time I go to journey with my power animal. Journeying provides us insight into our subconscious and can give us valuable answers and information for our evolution. Please learn how to journey from a reputable authentic indigenous shaman who learned from their actual ancestors. Its very important to journey with the protection of your power animal because you are going into the spirit world you can encounter many types of entities and become vulnerable. I will be sharing more on journeying and power animals in more elaborate posts but a shaman I really recommend in this area is Sandra Ingerman, you can check her out here and she has lots of amazing tools and books.

Have a wonderful full Moon ceremony and I wish you to release all he things from your life that are no longer serving you.

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