The one herb every woman should take like water

I take a lot of herbs but it also depends on what is going on with my body at different times. I am constantly listening to my bodies needs and providing it the natural remedies its asking for. I have personally found that when my stress and cortisol are low everything in my body functions better and I’m less likely to get thrown off balance. Our bodies have the natural abilities to heal if they are not interfered with synthetic supplements and toxins. If we don’t put poisons in our body than our body can function and repair naturally. Its the moment we alter the natural functions that we become off balance. When we become off balanced we become stressed. When we become stressed our body has to work extra hard to repair and rejuvenate. In addition to any stressful life experiences we might have there is natural normal stress related to our daily environments. Because of this natural stressful life we live we have to work extra hard to maintain that balance. This is where herbs play a huge role, in helping to maintain our balance and manage stress.



Ashwaganda; This herb I cannot live without. I am taking this herb everyday and if I could only choose one herb out of all the amazing herbs I love it would be Ashwaganda. Its known as one of the most powerful herbs in a Araveydic healing. Its known for its restorative benefits. Its often used to strengthen immune system after illness. Its mostly known for dealing with stress, lack of energy, fatigue and difficulty concentrating. Ashwaganda contains many healing medicinal chemicals and this is why its my favorite go to herb that I drink like water.

Ashwaganda can we be found in loose powder form, capsule or or tincture

If you are routine smoothie drinker its easiest just to put a tsp of it in your smoothie but there are also other ways you can take it as well. If your a busy gal you can swallow the capsules or pop them in some matcha tea or green juice on the go.

My favorite way is to drink it in the morning with match tea as part of my morning routine and ceremony that I do. If you choose to use a tincture you can also add it to your smoothie or tea or juice. Whichever way you choose to take it, my advice is to never start your day without it.

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