The harmful effects of lying and how it blocks your manifestation.

People have become so desensitized to lying that they actually believe that they are telling the truth when a lie comes out. Whats happening is because people as a collective are so used to it, they cannot tell the difference or do not even question with themselves what is a lie and what is not. People lie to avoid confrontation or mask their insecurities. You might think that telling a tiny white lie in order to avoid hurting someones feelings is harmless but what damage is it actually causing? The universe communicates through energy so if we tell a lie i mean really who cares because what is real when we really think about it. Reality is just how you choose to see it. The important thing when it comes to lying to understand is that overtime you speak something dishonest you are taking yourself out of alignment with your authenticity.

Imagine you have a cord connecting directly from your souls unique imprint and you also have purpose and this cord is floating and moving throughout the universe rerouting and taking turns as you go through experiences in your life. Each time you lie you disconnect from your cord. Every time you speak something incorrect, you become out of balance with your authentic self. Not only do you disconnect from the core of your authentic self you also create false and imaginary cords for the people you are interacting and creating the fallacies with. These people may not be aware directly what is happening but it creates an imbalance.

Lying blocks you from receiving things you asked for from the universe. Lets say you ask for something, like something you want to manifest a goal or a thing and you set that plan in motion and than you follow that cord and go through the doorways being presented to you and than you speak a lie, what do you think happens? The cord gets broke and a new cord creates and now your on a new cord. This creates Imbalance and you can feel it. So you want to get back to the other cord but now you created this one. What do you do? Dissolve the lie and close it and get back to the authentic cord.

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