The Dream Psilocybin experience of my life

It was new Moon Solar Eclipse, Christmas day 2019

I wanted to do a ceremony for the New Moon and Solar Eclipse, the ceremonies I usually do on New moons are based around setting intentions and writing frames. This particular new moon was special because it was the last moon of the year and the perfect time to set the goals for 2020 and accompanied by an eclipse meant even stronger. I had just met a new friend a few days before from Iceland who happened to be visiting my friend in LA who I was also visiting.

I asked my new friend if she would like to do a moon ceremony with me and she said sure. I had some crumbs of mushrooms left over in a bag from my previous ceremonies and I proposed that we just eat those like a micro dose in a tea along with our ritual.

We put the crumbs in some hot water with a ginger tea bag and some honey, we wrote out our new moon inventions and we made 3 wishes and wrote them down. We burned this paper outside while we drank our brew.

We came inside and I explained to her that we most likely won’t feel anything because from this particular batch I have eaten a lot and I normally have to eat a lot a few times during the night to feel the effects and they take anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour to start feeling anything.

So we decided to do some tarot readings while we were waiting for the effects to kick in if any. Either way we set the intention to do healing and channeling with my ancestors anyways and I was hoping the light effects of the mushrooms would help get us in there deeper.

We set the timer for 45 minutes.

I started shuffling the tarot deck and as I layed out one cards I looked at her and she looked at me and she said “yeah Im feeling them” and I said me too and all of a sudden everything turned into sacred geometry and the entire house as we knew it started to disappear. I actually became a little bit scared because it had only been 5 minutes (normally takes 45 minutes) and we ate crumbs ( normally I eat 4-6 grams) and everything was getting more intense by the minute. It felt like we had gone into a DMT Khole type of thing. I said grab water, lets run to the bed quick and we fell to the floor laughing. We somehow got water and crawled our way into the bed which is how I normally do psilocybin ceremonies (bed, eyes closed, music, and channeling) its all about the right setting to have a good healing and experience.

I went to my laptop to try and turn on our music, is Brian Eno Icebreaker Appolo which I found to be the perfect mushroom ceremony music setting. I was having the hardest time using my computer because at this point the keys pads were all different colors of bright green and pink and they were jumping out of the screen onto my hands. We were ONLY 8 minutes in!

I was starting to lose my voice and so was she, it became very hard to talk. I finally managed to get the music going and I jumped into bed and we started holding hands so we could see and experience the same things. ( holding hands is the game changer for an amazing psilocybin session)

What we were seeing was the entire room had turned into a rainforest. There were monkeys, sloths and all kinds of rainforest monkey animals everywhere, they were falling from the ceiling and licking our bodies. All kinds of moss was dripping from the sky and there were trees everywhere that were dancing. It was most the beautiful thing I had ever seen. The bed started blasting off into the sky and became a floating heaven bed cloud and there was so much going on all around us. We were having a hard time talking but we were giggling a lot and trying to describe to each other what we were seeing. The trees had colored eyes, lots of eyes and they were dancing all around us.

When I do mushrooms my intention is always to unravel shit, find wounds and heal. After about 30 minutes I finally was able to talk and started to guide the conversation and open up the hive. The alarm I had set rang at 45 minutes and it was so funny because we had already experienced so much that should have just been starting. My friend whom I just met asked me who was Artur. I said Artur is my best friend that just died. He had turned into a monkey and he was there. She did not know this because she barely knows me or anything about me but in my shamanic journeys artur appears as a monkey and I even painted him in my cards as a monkey. We started to connect with the spirit of everyone in our hive, this includes mothers, grandmothers, current boyfriends, ex boyfriends and dead friends. Everything that she said and was sharing I already knew and everything I was sharing she already knew about me. We were tripping on this alone that when she told stories of her grandmother I remembered them. Meanwhile while we are in a circle with all her exes we are still flying and trees and monkeys are still dancing all around us. We unraveled so many things in our life, cried together and listened to each other. As with a lot of my mushroom ceremonies so many things get brought to light and make sense. This one was especially profound for me personally because I got a clear direction of where I’m going in 2020.  These personal life energies that were heavy in my hive all became unraveled. I won’t speak about my new friends experiences as they are personal to her but she also had major transformations and revelations and healing as well. After being so connected and connecting the dots even more we realized we had actually met in Iceland and that we knew each other all along, in spirt as soul friends.

We unraveled wounds for 7 hours. And at 7 hours we were where I normally am when I eat 4-6 grams of mushrooms, so I have no idea what happened and why this one was so strong but I guess it was just meant to happen and the medicine gave us exactly what we needed.

We finally fell asleep and the next morning after tea and breakfast my friend went home.

I went back into bed after feeling tired and depleted from so much crying and purging the night before and as I layed in bed something magnificent happened. I was closing my eyes, semi resting on my side with my hands in front of me and Artur came (my best friend who recently died) and held my hand. I could smell him and I could feel his energy but I knew if I opened my eyes I could not see him because he wasn’t “here” he was “there” but “there” was “here” I started crying so much and my heart hurt so bad from missing him. He rubbed my hand and I told him Im so sorry. He held my hand and I just cried missing him. I cried so much because I saw how special he was to me and how special we were to each other in the universe, he was my closest soul friend and when I die I’m going directly to him. It broke my heart so much that I couldn’t see that while he was alive. Because he did, he knew and he told me all the time. He knew who I was and who we were. I felt the worst pain in my heart.

I talked and cried with Artur for 5 hours. I cried so much that morning.

Hands down, the most profound mushroom ceremony of my life. 

(In my ceremonies and journeys Artur appears as a little sloth monkey. This is the strength card in the deck Im painting and this is us in Joshua tree where I did most of my mushroom ceremonies and when he died. )


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  1. This is a beautiful story! Artur is indeed your soul friend, always there to keep you company. Thanks for sharing how you do your ceremonies, I’m learning so much from your blog 🙂

  2. Wow this is such a profound experience!! It makes me want to work towards finding someone whom I can share a new moon ritual like this!! I’ve never had psychedelic mushrooms before. Thank you for sharing!

  3. How do I get some Im In San José ca hook me up send me a message 408.472.8530
    I have had ptsd and would like some healing . I would like to get all this and a ceremony if possible to heal me or help me some more I’m normal but want more

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