SSRI’s and Micro-dosing.

I get a lot of questions wondering about the safety with micro-dosing when taking anti-depressants.

SSRI’s serve a purpose as does Western medicine. It’s a quick fix for something that can be serious. 

🗝If your taking prescription meds for depression or anxiety, you have to understand the long term risks involved. Aside from the many negative side effects (Just do a google and you will find hundreds of studies) Dementia, Alzheimer’s disease , ADDICTIVE (you will rely on these after you start taking them and need them to feel normal) They actually change your brain chemistry giving you a different personality, they cause weight gain, insomnia, nashua, tremors and fatigue to name just a few. 

🗝Micro-dosing has hit the scene to replace SSRI’s and prescription meds. These are Mama natures prescriptions and they come with colorful and vibrant upgrades to the rather dull matrix we live in. 

🗝The goal with micro-dosing should be to replace your meds with something that is much safer and also proven to grow your brain, make you more compassionate, more calm, more present, smarter, and more connected to all the parts of your brain. 

🗝If you are not taking meds and are not struggling with mental health issues or suicidal thoughts, you are the ideal candidate for micro-dosing. 

🗝If you are currently in SSRI’s and want to replace them with micro-dosing you will need to wean yourself off by taking smaller doses and gently and slowly replacing them with the micro-dose and with the guidance of your doctor because the meds alone have major and serious side effects.

I created “Planty Prozac” (Prozac)to replace your anti depression meds as well as “Planty xany” (xanex) for the bad days and Planty addy (Adderal) for focus and energy. They are all strong and you will feel them work. 

Planty Prozac just got an upgrade and I added morning glory seeds and Caapi. The new batch will be ready in two weeks. 

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