Curated Herbal Blends

77.00 to formulate (does not include medicine)

There are so many wonderful and sacred plants out there but we can’t take everything and mixing and matching too many herbs can have adverse effects. Even though I have an entire line of apothecary any herb available to me that I want, Im not eating all of them everyday. Instead I have curated my own blend special to what my body loves and and I just take that everyday and some I take every few days. I have started doing this for my clients and it saves them a lot of money and its working better. I can formulate and craft a special blend to meet your specific needs wether its to help with depression and stress or to enhance the functionality of your brain or connect you deeper to the cosmos, there is a plant for everything.

I practice folk medicine method not clinical which means I use indigenous practices based on intuition, astrology, and deep personal relationship with the plants. I don’t go by a text book, I go by my intuition.

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