San Pedro

San Pedro (Echinopsis pachanoi)

Huachuma is a revered plant teacher by many tribes in South America dating back to 2,000 years. In Peru, the sacred cactus is referred to as “Grand father teacher” where Ayhuasca is “Mother teacher”. Pedro is similar to Peyote in that they both contain mescaline however they are unique in their own as all plants are. Research shows mescaline binds the serotonin receptors and stimulates the dopamine receptors. The mescaline in Pedro, is a phenethylamine and is chemically related to MDMA [ecstasy], while LSD, DMT [the main compound in ayahuasca] and psilocybin [the main compound in mushrooms] are in the tryptamine family. Mescaline is unique among the major hallucinogens in that it is a phenethylamine.

San Pedro can produce visions just like ayahuasca can… micro-dosing it has the feel-good happiness of MDMA, with a shroom-like quality of feeling like a child while at the same time being slightly less scary, less jarring, and more loving than either aya or mushrooms.

Mescaline itself is nontoxic. And, while there are few studies done on huachuma itself, a Harvard Medical School studythat investigated the long-term effects of regular peyote use among members of the Native American Church found “no evidence of psychological or cognitive deficits” at all.


A ceremony dose of Pedro varies because all the plants contain different amounts of Mescaline. It can be anywhere from 15gm to 50gm. Start with 4 TBS of dried powder, mix with water and lemon and drink. Wait 30 minutes and depending on how you feel increase dosage with another 4 TBS. 8TBS is considered a full dose in Peru. Effects last 8-12 hours and it can be very hard to go to sleep on mescaline so take early in the day unless you want to be up all night. As with all psychedelics, take on an empty stomach. Do not drive or be in a public place with a regular large dose.

Micro-dose dosage in a extract form is 4 TBS divided into a 1oz bottle containing 30 droppers. 1-2 droppers is a recommended micro-dose. Take first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. Micro-dose is ok to drive and work. You will not be out of your body on a micro-dose. Increase dosage for stronger effects and to find your sweet spot. Unlike Psilocybin, you can cant “under-dose”. All doses of Pedro are great and offer different forms of healing and assistance.

Ceremony doses:

11gm is a light dose but you will feel the effects, all doses of San Pedro offer different experiences.

15 gm- 30 gm is a medium dose.

50-100 gm is a large dose

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