Psilocybin Ceremonies and Integration

777.00 (Includes Medicine)

I have been on a deep journey of healing and awakening for almost my entire life. During my journey I tried and learned many things. My initiations came in the form of meditation, shamanism, tantra, art, ancestry work, plant medicine and death. The plant medicine, especially mushrooms (even though mushrooms are not considered “Plants”) are changing my life and have had the most impact on my healing more than anything else I have ever tried. There is a reason why everyone is flying off to the jungle for these sacred medicines like Ayuasca, Iboga and San Pedro. We need this healing now more than ever, we need to heal our mother, mother earth and the plants are helping us unravel all of this. I love Psilocybin because to me, this is the wizard and he helps you examine and investigate all your soul parts, your wounds, and your connection to everything. The mushroom helps you understand deeply how everything is connected and what is important. You can find missing parts of your soul and bring them back home. You can experience deep transformational healing through the mushrooms. They say Ayuasca is the mother medicine and San Pedro is the father and I say mushrooms are the wizzard.

I offer myself to hold space for your healing. Having done so much healing myself and 40+ ceremonies I’m very familiar with these psychedelics and how to access their medicine. I understand that in order to get the most out of the experience it depends on proper dosage,  set and setting. Preparation and integration are a big part of the plant medicine process that is often overlooked. Integration is taking the time to incorporate the new parts of yourself, the new awareness, the profound insights. These all need to be integrated. There needs to be time set aside after the ceremony to return back to your body. There needs to be time to process and purge any poisons and wounds.

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