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Sleep magic was created to help put you to sleep.  When I was living in Europe they used to sell Passflora in capsule form as a sleep medicine and i used it all the time when I was traveling, it worked great. Passiflora is Passion flower and is actually an entheogen with sedative effects. I combined the Passion flower with mexican poppy which is a really amazing poppy strain that makes you sleepy and is also very relaxing with sedative effects, less than the afghan poppy. I love kava kava and if you havnt tried it yet, its used in Hawaii similarly how we use alcohol in America, as a social drink to numb you down. Kava is very relaxing and promotes restful sleep. The final ingredient I added was Salvia Divinorum because at the small doses does amazing things for relaxing, and making your body feel really good, which is exactly what we want when we are ready to to head to our sleep chambers.

Star performers:

Mexican poppy

Passion flower

Hawaiian kava kava

Salvia Divinorm


Instructions; Mix 1-3 droppers full in your favorite night time tea. Do not drink straight form the bottle you could damage your liver.

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