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Sananga eye drops from the Kuntanawa tribe in the Amazon, improves visual perception and colors.

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Sananga is a very powerful sacred eye medicine made from a shrub called “Apocynaceae” from the Amazon jungle..

Sananga eye drops from the Kuntanawa  in the Brazilian Amazon have been known to improve vision on a physical and spiritual level.

Sananga plant medicine removes blocked energies from emotions and physical levels so you can “SEE” better  and balance and peace of mind can be restored.

The human eye is a particularly sensitive organ, which means a sananga ceremony can be painful. Sananga eye drops cause an intense burning that usually lasts a few minutes. Once the pain leaves and the sananga is no longer in your body, you’re left with a feeling of immense relaxation.

Because of its cleansing properties, sananga is often used in preparation for an ayahuasca ceremony. Sananga can be used alone or in conjunction with ayahuasca or kambo.


Tabernaemontana undulata contains iboga alkaloids


Shake the bottle well. Insert 1 drop into each eye. Close eyes for 5-15 minutes until burning goes away.

Traditional uses:

Kanawasta. In Shipibo this word means “to focus better on art”. Sananga drops are used to improve the ability to focus on crafts such as sewing, painting, embroidery and the production of handcrafted pottery – which is carried out by the women of the tribe. The Shipibo are famous for their embroidery and textile painting.

From an early age, Shipibo women are initiated by their mothers and grandmothers in this practice. A Shipibo says: “When I was a little girl, my mother put drops of Sananga in my eyes so that I would have the vision for the patterns of my paintings”.

Wekunwarti. In Shipibo this word can be translated as ‘for better vision’. Sananga drops are used before and during Ayahuasca ceremonies, and are told to open the participant to the world of visions and improve their ability to “see” things on their multidimensional journey to other worlds. After the use of eye drops, the visions become clearer and more detailed.

Shipibo members also say that eye drops are ‘to look far’ – allowing for a better ability to foresee upcoming events and intentions.

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Holly (verified owner)
Clear Eyes
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I did a 21 day dieta with this sananga- the discomfort is minimal compared to the clearing that happens. I noticed more vivid colors, a renewed clean feeling with my vision as well as received several pings or intuitive flashes about scenarios and how I should handle those events in the future. For me this would happen just after waking from a nights sleep. I gave the remainder of my bottle to my mom who has a form on macular degeneration and she noticed that her eyes felt cleaner too. We will order again!


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