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I have been practicing being present lately as I know its so important for my health and relationships. Being present is the single and simple path in buddhist teachings and especially from my teacher Thich Nhat Hanh. Focusing on our breath and being present can pull us out of stressful situations and help us to react better. When we are not present we are missing life. We are programmed in the western world to do everything fast, to accomplish more, to do more and its really hard to balance both worlds.

When I looked to my medicine cabinet for support to help me stay in these states I picked these and I wanted to share them with you.

Huachuma is the medicine of pure presence. Aldous Huxley wrote an entire book about his mescaline experience and it all took place deep in the layers of his corduroy pants. When I am on mescaline I am placed in pure presence, my heart rate slows down, my brain stops jumping around like a wild monkey and I am focused on whats in front of me, (usually my lover) and I am able to be with him without distractions. When I go for a walk I am able to notice the flowers and their smell and stop and wonder at  how delicious and beautiful they are. Not only does it make me so present but it also makes me feel peace in my heart and help to open my heart without anxiety and stress.

Bobinsana is a master plant teacher from the Jungle often used as a dieta in preparation for Aya ceremonies. It is a heart opener and dream enhancer. I chose this one because it helps me to stay connected to my heart which I want to be the guiding force of my life. Bobinsana teaches us to be present.

Planty Prozy is my plant medicine spin on prozac. The ingredients all help to calm anxiety (which takes us out of the present moment) and lift our mood. Kanna is one of the star performers and is showing amazing results for mood elevation in recent studies. Albizia is known as the Happy tree its sister is Bobinsana. Mulungu bark is the actual plant that is used in anti depressants like Prozac. Velvet bean is natures dopamine and Blue Lotus brings the zen to top it off.


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