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Pleasure trip is the same ingredients as Puss n Boots with extra Datura oil from my sacred datura plant that I harvest myself every summer.

This organic oil is made with a very unique blend of herbs and Entheogens to increase sex drive, pleasure and ability to stay present and connect with your partner.

Heavenly blue morning glory seeds contain the psychoactive compound LSA. I chose these for the blend to enhance the mood, pleasure and ability to stay present. There is a small amount so it would be more equivalent to a micro-dose than a full LSA trip.

Sacred Datura is one of my favorite aphrodisiacs. Datura was used traditionally by many of our ancestors in sacred sexual ceremony. It increases sex drive, pleasure and connects you deeper to your emotions while being a psychedelic. There is a very small amount of Datura inside the capsules. You will not experience any negative side effects associated with large doses of this plant and I am very experienced with working with her. I use only the flowers and all plant matter has been drained. These are wild foraged and hand picked by me.

Cistanche has been used in TCM to enhance sex hormones and erections. In many studies with mice they found more erections and more often. Its not only good for men and erections but also relieves tension allowing blood to flow which is often an orgasm blocker for women (tension, tightness, stored emotions) Cistanche helps energy flow. This herb increases progesterone and testosterone which many women easily fall short of due to due our environmental factors, stress and diet. testosterone and progesterone loss can lead to loss of sex drive so increasing these hormones can help bring the sex drive up.

Damiana  is an ancient aphrodisiac that is known to increase sex drive. It was used by the Mayans and Aztecs. It works by increasing circulation and sensitivity. Its pro-sexual effects are due to flavonoid compounds present in the leaves. Studies have shown that over 74% of women in placebos noticed increase sex drive when given Damiana so this is not only an ancient remedy but also considered in western medicine.


Rose petals are very fragrant which can enhance your mood. When ingested (or inserted) they activate pleasure cells within the body. Cleopatra believed that rose petals were an aphrodisiac, requesting that her servants cover her bed in fresh roses each day. When she held a banquet in 42 B.C. for her lover Mark Anthony, she requested that the floors be covered in 2 feet of rose petals.


Ingredient list:

Organic Apricot oil 

Organic Coconut oil 

Heavenly blue morning glory seeds


Organic Rose petals 




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