Nefertem Blue Lotus wine


Blue Lotus wine 3x extraction. Full potency extract. 4 oz

(4 servings)

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Nefertem was inspired by the ancient Egyptians and how they used to infuse the blue lotus into their wine. The Egyptians cherished the lotus and used it often for ceremony, for smoking and for drinking. I wanted to make the elixer very potent so it wouldn’t even be like a wine anymore and the end result turned out even better than I could imagine. The taste is like a delicious lotus flower that intoxicates you into a euphoric dream state with each spoon.

40-75 ml is a serving.

The effects are much stronger than a regular glass of wine.

My process: 100% extracted blue lotus powder to 100% solvent. The solvent used was a 2009 cabernet sauvignon from California. I did the extraction for one month, drained the liquid out and put the extracted liquid into a fresh new blue lotus powder and repeated it twice for a 3x extraction. My Lotus flowers come from a organic farm whom I respect in Thailand. I extract the flowers myself to ensure highest standard and potency.



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