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Our dreams can give us messages from the universe and help us to create a magical life. By paying attention to our dreams we can discover our unconscious thoughts and patterns. Our dreams are a very important power tool.

Sometimes in life we can get blocked from remembering our dreams because we have too much going on, too much stress and too much in our head that our mind simply cannot remember. Cannabis has been known to heavily block dream recall. Sometimes we just forgot how to dream or became scared of what we remembered so stopped them from coming through.

I like having allies to help me with my dream call and to Lucid dream. The two herbs I added to this smoke blend are known as two of the strongest herbs for dream recall used by Indegenous peoples throughout the world.

Calea Zacatechichi

Artemis Vulgaris

Smoke before bed to help with dreams. It can be paired with moon spell extract very well.

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