Heavenly Blue (Morning glories)

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This extract is made with our Micro blend, Albizia, Kanna and Ashwaganda.

My Process: 100 seeds powdered into each one ounce bottle into an extract of Kanna, Ashwaganda and Albizia making this the perfect feel good micro-dose tonic.

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My Process: 100 seeds powdered into each one ounce bottle into an extract of Kanna, Ashwaganda and Albizia making this the perfect feel good micro-dose tonic.

Kanna- Kanna is a small ground plant native to southern Africa in the cape region. Its been used for hundreds of years as a mood enhancer and relaxant. Its used as a tea, as a smoke and in sacred snuffs. It is well known for its ability to uplift mood and increase energy.

Ashwaganda- Ashwaganda is an adaptogen from Asia and Africa  and is really good for managing stress as well as insomnia, aging, and anxiety. Its a powerful herb for overall wellbeing.

Albizia- Albizia is our Happy tree extract, the flowers come from the tree mimosa hostilis. The root bark is used in Ayahuasca brews and to make DMT and the flowers and stems are a mysterious stimulant which promote feeling happy.

Directions: Start with 1 dropper full. Shake the bottle really well before using (seeds go to the bottom) Mix a dropper full in a warm solvent like tea or coffee first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. Wait 15-30 minutes to feel the effects. Increase dosage as needed. Morning glories last 9-10 hours. You will build a tolerance so the next day you may need a larger dose like 2 droppers full. I recommend to take for a few days than take a few days off or mix and match with other micro-doses.



Heavenly Blue ( Ipomoea tricolor/violacea) Morning Glory seeds have been used traditionally by the Aztecs and was referred to as “mecapatli” which translates to “cord medicine”. This species is a sub family of the Morning glory family however this one contains a Triptamine, Lysergic Acid Amide (LSA) which is a strong psycho-active and was compared to LSD by Albert Hoffman upon studying its chemical structure.

The differences would be not as strong as LSD but visuals that could be comparable when taken in a large dose.

The psychos active and ritual use of Ipomoea violacea has been documented for healing rituals and divination since the late colonial period.

The Aztecs are reported to describe the tonic of morning glory seeds as meeting God or an angel or often a little black man appears and tells them everything they need to know. The mamas ( Shaman Priests) of the Colombian Sierra Madre also used the seed for their New Moon Jaguar rituals to find illnesses and it is described much like being on LSD, with “woman turning into luscious pineapples” and illnesses becoming visible to the eye in the form of “black Beetles”

Eating the seeds alone can produce profound side effects (nausea, vomiting)  The best way to take this is in a cold-water extract or alcohol solvent extract. The visions will not be exactly like LSD but reports of visions of seeing “small people” are typical and the Native Indians used them for their shamanic journey work.

Like a lot of these plant medicines they are often taken incorrectly, outside of ceremony, without an elder or proper guidance and without an intention and therefore they get a bad reputation. In actuality this plant is so medicinal and can be a wonderful ally for treating depression and aiding in your meditation and journey work. As with all plant teachers, when you ingest them, you are getting to know them just as well as they are getting to know you. Micro-dosing is a wonderful way to start working with a plant and getting to know them. Micro-dosing heavenly blue can be mixed in-between your other micro-dose regimens as a different teacher.


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