Datura mother essence (wild harvested in California)




Our wild foraged Sacred Datura Mother essence can be used for ritual, ceremony or to work with the Datura spirit in a safe way. The essence can enhance your ancestral and dream work as all of our ancestors worked with the Datura plant in some way. Datura has been used allover the world for centuries and is revered as a sacred visionary plant by virtually all people who experience them. Datura has an expansive history worldwide. In China,  it was smoked by the Taoist and was referred to as one of the “pole stars”. It was used by the Aztecs and by the Peruvian healers and Shamans and was know to them as one of the most ancient healing herbs. The Chamush people of California regarded Datura as their most important medicinal plant, they used it to enhance dreams, for rituals, initiations and for healing.

It was used in Diegueno shamanism, the Algonquin tribe of North America, and the Qichaus of Peru. All these tribes used it similarly which preparations included abstinence from certain foods and sexual activity for up to 21 days before ingestion. Its been used in Africa, Indonesia and the Mediterranean. Its known as the witches herb n Europe as it was used for ceremonies and healing by the Pagans. 

Datura is highly hallucinogenic and can be dangerous and deadly if taken too much.

We believe the essence of this sacred plant spirit and teacher is a wonderful way to learn from her and to connect on a deeper level with the ancestors who knew her well.

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