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(Ayahuasca vine)

We know Caapi as the vine used in the traditional Ayahuasca brew. Caapi is known as one of the strongest plant teachers and has a deep history dating back all the way to the Mayans. Caapi does not contain any DMT. The Ayhuasca brew is made using a MAO inhibitor usually Chacruna Leafs (Psychotria viridis) which will give visuals to the plant teacher caapi.

When taken alone, shamans say that Banisteriopsis caapi helps enhance people’s empathy, allowing them to give guidance in the community.

In medical studies, researchers concluded that Ayahuasca can help treat depression and addiction. Caapi does not build a tolerance so there is no risk of addiction.

Animal studies and recent clinical research suggests that Bcaapi preparations show antidepressant activity, a therapeutic effect that has been linked to hippocampal neurogenesis.


My process: Banisteriopsis Colorada (Roja, Yage) powdered and mixed with organic food grade vodka for a complete moon cycle. Not drained for more potent effects.

Effects: This extract can be used as a teacher plant, as a micro-dose, as a depression aid, mood enhancer, healer, empathy builder and so much more. Since there is no DMT, you will not feel any psychoactive effects.

Dosage: Take first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. Mix with tea or coffee (always mix potent extracts with a warm solvent to dissolve the alcohol) Take for 3 days and take two days off so you can process the effects, than take as needed. You will not build a tolerance to Caapi and Caapi is not addictive.


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This is a very nice MD because it’s subtle, highly functional and doesn’t have any “weird” perceptual or appetite changes. What I notice is helps me with is empathy. When I’m burnt out from work (I work with people) I tend to just focus on how tired I am and do through the motions. Caapi will hit you when you dont expect it; you’ll notice you’ve spent most of the day thinking nice thoughts about people and you were more interested in their thoughts and perspectives. Also- listening to music is more strongly emotional (in the good way). I think that’s how MDs should be - you reflect back on your day like “wow, that was a good day” even when you’re just doing your normal routine. More depth of experience is possible.

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