Protected: A walk with pedro (25 capsules)

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Subtle, Peaceful
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This is the second of Tiana's products that I've tried, and of the two, this one is much more...serene I guess is the word I would use. I've taken them as single capsule microdoses and often go hours without remembering that I took anything at all. Huachuma invites me into deeper presence with my emotions, encouraging me to feel them more fully. I've heard this sacred medicine described as Heart Medicine by some, and I would have to agree. The effects are gentle, calming, like a loved one taking ahold of your hand.

Maddison Black (verified owner)
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5/5! (Didn't mean to review twice lol, but it's 5/5, I'm very happy)

Maddison (verified owner)
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The effects were very subtle for me, and overall pleasant. I felt generally well, clear minded, relaxed, and content. It took over a month to receive, but it was definitely worth the wait and came at the perfect time :)

Alex Munoz (verified owner)
This stuff is amazing
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This medicine is amazing! It's seriously changed my life. I even introduced my parents to it and they love it. Gives you so much peace when times are tough

Nikki Lenor (verified owner)
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Really good stuff. I'm very grateful.


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