How art can reveal your subconscious truths

  Art has revealed so many layers to me this past year, its incredible. Art Therapy is far more than painting to feel good. I first got back into painting a few years ago when I started painting my visions. The visions were so mystical and magical in my mind that I just wanted to... Continue Reading →


How to work with an alter- to manifest, heal and stay balanced

What is an alter?  For me an alter is a sacred space that holds energy where you can manifest from, mediate with, give offerings, give thanks and give gratitude. Your alter is a portal of all the intentions you put there. What do I put on my alter? Your alter holds powerful pieces that carry... Continue Reading →

10 ways to connect with spirit

1. ✨Ask ✨ Sit down,  close your eyes and ask to connect with your spirit, spirit guides and the energy of the Universe, ask to connect with God. Ask spirit to give you signs to communicate.  2. ✨Make a commitment and have a devotion✨ If you want a good friendship with spirit you have to... Continue Reading →

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