How to remove blockages and heal trauma

In this article I will share helpful tools on how to identify blockages, how to remove them and how to heal through anything. In psychology development we learned that everything that happens to us from age birth to 7 basically shapes how we perceive the world as an adult. Whatever “trauma” we experienced and beliefs... Continue Reading →


Mirror Work Mirror work is one of the most important tools in healing. If you have insecurities or if you have unresolved issues within yourself one of the easiest and most effective things you can do is talk to yourself in the mirror. What you will discover is that there are different parts of yourself that... Continue Reading →

Your superpower is woman

You have to know and understand that your super power is woman. You were born woman, you were born with intuition, with psychic ability, the ability to birth life and the ability to heal. You have two x chromosomes, you are the stronger sex by nature. You have the ability to multi task, you have... Continue Reading →

How to discover your magic

I talk a lot about how magical women are and about being magical but what does that really mean. Women are cosmic, we are divine beings. The center of the universe lies within our body, in our yoni cave. Where life begins, where magic is created. Women are born with these incredible instincts and feeling... Continue Reading →

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