New Moon Ceremony recipe; Manifest intensely

Our ancestors have been woking with the power of the moon energy throughout time. The new moon energy is the time to bring in the new and the full moon is the time to close out the old. When women are in cycle with the moon and its power they bleed with the full moon to cleanse and release the old and the new moon is when estrogen, testosterone and progesterone are the most balanced (the perfect time to create and manifest).  Women bleed every 29 days which is the exact cycle of the moon so it makes sense that our ancestors have been tapping into this power since the dawn of time.

Even if you are not a woman or if your a woman not in cycle with the moon, you can still tap into this powerful energy effectively. Not only do these new moon and full moon rituals help you to release and bring in the new but they really solidify and keep you on track with your intentions which is essentially what magic is all about. You can have a cacao ceremony or you can have a sacred cacao ceremony and the only difference is the intention that is behind it. Do you drink your cacao quickly without really thinking about where it might have came from or without tapping into its energy and asking for assistance in healing parts of you body or do you drink the cacao with intention for it to work its magic and prep it with a beautiful cup and a group of people and find the most potent fermented beans from the shaman himself in the amazon rainforest? This is the only difference, wether you have intention or not and the same goes for the rituals.

I do rituals every day. Each morning I burn palo santo and smudge myself and my space. I sit calm for a few moments and connect with my spirit helpers and I go over my intention for the day. I look at the things Im working on and I decide in my mind how I want those things to play out. I meditate for a few minutes, ground myself to the earth (whichever part of the earth I many be in) and I set my intention for the day. This tiny little practice has changed my life in so many ways. The other practice I do is twice a month I do a ceremony, one is on full moon (to release behaviors, habits and energy that is no longer serving me) and the other is on the new moon (to set an intention for new things I want to create in my life, behaviors, habits and things I want to manifest).

A new moon ceremony is a lot simpler than you might think. Basically all you are doing is getting clear about the things you want to bring in wether that is behaviors and habits or material things so you can really think about these things. You write on a piece of paper these things you want to bring in with a positive affirmation style. I always x the four corners of my paper and write my name backwards which is an old wicca practice but with these ceremonies you can do it however you like because the most important thing is the intention. Now with that being said, the reason why these wicca practices work so well is because our ancestors have been doing them of so long that these rituals have actually taken on an energy of their own and with that comes a special power. Anything that is fed will grow. So for this reason I like to use the practice that has strong energy already attached to it rather than creating new practices.

For the new moon manifestations, we are doing these practices each month so I like to think of these things in terms of 1-3 month frames. The deeper the manifestation the longer it might take. You might need to repeat the intention next month and keep repeating it until the things start to line up. Also sometimes there can be blocking contradicting behaviors thats why its so important to close out at the full moon. When you do this repeated cycle for a few months, bringing in with the new moon and closing out with the full moon things will start to move and you will defiantly notice it. The more you do it, the more it works.

An example of your manifestation might look like this:

I am patient and I practice patience everyday

All my financial needs are met and I am at peace

I am peaceful in my being

I have met someone amazing and we are falling in love

A baby is coming soon for us

The project I was working on has become more successful than I could ever imagine

I am traveling to beautiful places

my relationship with my child is communicative and loving

I have a new source of income that doubles my current source of income

I practice rituals every day and every month

I feel inspired for life and I wake up everyday with energy

So these are some samples but the most important thing is to write your frames like they are currently happening.

Go outside with your paper and get a burn safe bowl and after meditating on your intentions and connecting with the moon energy you can burn the paper. And say so mote it be

Release the ashes to the moon energy and let her assist you in these manifestations.

Let me know if you have any questions about this or any other topics I discuss. Happy manifestations and moon blessings to you all.

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