Mine in the cave of your own black moon (Ceremony Recipe)

It’s the new moon, the sky is pitch black and an eery silence pierces the air. Tonight is the night the universe unfolds for us the opportunity  to mine in our own moon cave. In the darkness we can find our shadows and things that have been hiding for a long long time. Go investigate your cave and look for stuff you never saw. The new moon is in Leo is the season to shine bright, to be the star, to receive the fruits of all the hard labor. Its been a tough eclipse season that lasted six months with portals and lots of shadow work. The Black moon tells us there is opportunity to investigate deeper within ourselves. This is a magical time that only occurs every 24 months. Its once in a black moon universe turns out the lights so secrets can be revealed. What secrets have you been hiding in the dark? Time for these to come out. No more hiding and playing small says Leo. Its time to shine.

Ceremony recipe

Prepare yourself with high vibe, third eye enhancing tinctures and medicinal dusts a few days before and at the time the ceremony.

You want to take herbs like Gotu Kola, Passion Flower, Blue Lotus, Mugwort…these will help with your deeper connection to source.

This is also a perfect time to take plant medicine if these are the types of ceremonies your into. But please make sure if you do a plant medicine ceremony that its done in a ceremony setting. You can see the article I wrote here more about that.

On the night of the New Black Moon, July 29-August 1st set up your ritual

* Connect with spirt by rattling and drumming to call upon your ancestors and spirit helpers

  • Protect yourself from dark spirits by burning sacred wood like palo santo
  • write down your intention on a piece of paper, “to look for secrets that have been hiding in the shadows”
  • Listen to drum music and journey with your power animal (ask him for guidance)
  • write down your manifestos (after all it is new moon)
  • put your manifestations into frames

Connect, Pray, listen, be still, connect more

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