Liquid Sunshine

Liquid Sunshine is an analog made out of plants, it can be taken as a strong micro-dose, a light ceremony or for some deep inner work.

The whole bottle contains 200 seeds of Heavenly Blue morning glory, and 1 gm of Peganum harmala seeds, crushed and infused into an Albizia extract. The Albizia extract was made using the flowers of the Mimosa hostilis tree and was mixed with 100% plant to an alcohol solvent, it was processed for a full moon cycle and not drained for fuller potency.

Heavenly Blue morning glory seeds contain the alkaloid LSA which is very similar to LSD so micro-dosing or taking a stronger dose can not only provide anti- depressant properties but can be a great tool for self reflection, connecting you deeper to the present moment, boosting creativity, connecting you deeper to the universe, increasing compassion and empathy, helping you remember past memories and for deep healing.

The effects last 9 hours wether you microdose or take a larger dose so make sure to take it early in the morning. You build a tolerance to all entheogens from day one and it takes 5 days to reset the body so if you plan to take everyday you will have to increase the dosage. The best way to microdose is to mix and match and take breaks.

Directions: Shake bottle well, take 1 dropper for a strong micro-dose effect. Take 5 + droppers for a light ceremony. Take the whole bottle for a full ceremony. You can dose and wait 30 minutes and dose more to achieve the desired effects. If the dropper doesn’t work due to the thick consistancy, you can measure 1 tsp for every dropper.

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