Lions Brain

Lions Brain is inspired by Paul Stamets patent pending micro-dose regimen and recipe.

In this blend we use equal parts Mushroom, Lions Mane and Niacin

(2gm of each)

Quote from Stamets: “This unique combination of compounds can be incorporated into other therapies with such combinations providing unique advantages for medically significant advancements in repairing neurons, removing amyloid plaques, improving mental health, cognition, agility, and improving overall the ecology of consciousness.”


I dropper is a full does. Take 2 droppers for a stronger effect. There are 30 droppers in this bottle.

It is recommended to take for 5 days in a row than take two days off.

Shake well before using, take first thing in the morning on an empty stomach, mix with tea or coffee. The warm liquid changes the structure of the alcohol solvent so it doesn’t damage your liver.

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