Last Quarter- Why now is the best time to make New Moon Wishes

Now that we are half way through the Full MOON phase, we know what we want to let go of but where are we going? Its the perfect time to start thinking about your new moon intentions. This doesn’t mean start a serious course of action but just start thinking about those issues you let go of at the full moon and what you would like to bring in and create during the next months magical new moon time.

This last year more than ever I followed the moon and its rhythm for my healing and manifestations. I even created a Moon Manifestation Planner which includes everything I do on a daily basis along with my various planetary rituals. As I practiced more, the energy became stronger and Im so excited to continue this practice and see whats in store for 2019.

(stay tuned for more details about the planner)

On that note we have some huge planetary events coming up which we can piggy back on for some amazing magical changes and creations.

The first one is January 6th. We have a New moon in Capricorn and a partial solar eclipse. Its the most magical time for new moon wishes and to brew eclipse energy for all your spell work for the upcoming year. Eclipse is also the perfect time to charge your crystals so its almost like this January 6th event is just perfectly setting us up for the new year.


Right now you can start thinking about your new moon wishes. Write down 3 wishes and put them on your alter under some sacred power pieces. When the New moon and eclipse comes, they will be ready and already brewing with intention.


We have so many amazing planetary events this year that Im so excited about especially because a portal will be opened January 21st  on the super wolf moon and total lunar eclipse. I am so excited about this portal because it will last up to the Total Solar Eclipse on July 2nd. This portal if used correctly can be used to remove a blockage,  any lifetime blockage you have been struggling with. I have been waiting for this portal to open since last year so you definitely don’t want to miss this.

(a little insert from the Moon Manifestation Planner)

Screen Shot 2018-12-29 at 5.14.55 PM

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