Last Eclipse of the season, don’t miss the opportunity to purge

This Full Moon marks the end of Eclipse season until Winter Solstice. It’s been an intense year with all these powerful eclipses forcing us to deal and look at the things that have been hiding in the dark.  Fulls moons are always about releasing, shedding and letting things go but when they are accompanied by an eclipse the energy is amplified.

This full Moon in Capricorn tells us its time to check our motives. Are we being driven by our ego or are we being driven by our higher self? This full moon is the perfect time to shed ego traits as the Capricorns energy can push us more effectively to our ultimate goals when these blockages are not holding us back. The lunar eclipse unveils and forces us to make uncomfortable changes. Utilize this very powerful day to tap in and grow.

(Excerpt from the Moon Manifestation Planner)

Full Moon Ritual

Write down some blockages, behaviors and shadows that are no longer serving you. Focus your attention to these things and really make a commitment to release them. Read your paper outside under the full moon and ask the moon for assistance. After you have focused your attention burn the paper and release it to the moon.
You may choose to write down your full moon release manifestos so you can track your progress.

Lunar Eclipse Ritual

A Lunar Eclipse is a time of deep transformation. Use this full moon partial lunar eclipse to push through your comfort zone in order to grow.
Ritual: Do a Drum Journey with your power animal and ask your guides to assist you deeper in the releasing of blockages and behaviors that are no longer serving you. Ask them to reveal parts of your shadow that you are unaware of.

Lye down in a comfortable place, put an eye mask on, light a sacred smudge stick, clear the energy in your space, ground yourself and connect with your guides and higher sources and listen to some drum music with headphones. Find your animal and let him take you to your message.

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