Jungle Juice

Jungle juice was created with the intention to work with the plant spirits of the jungle which are used in typical Ayahuasca brews, light enough to be able to do the work alone at home but strong enough to get the medicine of the teachers.

The caapi vine is activated with mimosa hostilis root bark and Chacruna leafs but since its an extract, and was processed differently, the effects will be much less and different than the really strong Ayahuasca brews in the jungle. You can work with this extract as a micro-dose or a ceremony.


Mimosa hostilis root bark:

Mimosa hostilis is one of the main ingredients in the Ayahuasca brews due to its intensely powerful hallucinogenic properties. Its root bark is also used to create DMT. This plant also has immense entheogenic uses, when Mimosa Hostilis root bark powder is brewed into an extract, it is claimed to have mind-healing properties that help users get past trauma and overcome depression. Mimosa hostilis flowers are what I makethe Happy tree extract out of. The root bark contains large amounts of DMT, and it is this ingredient which gives visuals to the Ayahuasca brew. The DMT is only activated by the preparation methods and when mixed with other entheogens. All parts of the Mimosa tree are psychoactive and have healing benefits and it also tastes really yummy.


Chancruna contains tryptamine, which is a visionary inducing structure. Chacruna also has large amounts of DMT. The leaves when mixed with other entheogens provide visionary effects. Psychotria viridis can be quite variable in alkaloid content.  The leaves have yielded .11-.34% alkaloids, .99% of which may be DMT.  There are also traces of NMT and 2-methyl-THBC.  The root bark is reportedly considerably higher in alkaloid content.  There are reported cases of certain specimens containing no DMT alkaloids whatsoever, only NMT (Dennis McKenna, pers. comm. cited in Ratsch 1998, 457).

Ayahuasca cappi vine

Banisteriopsis caapi is a vine that doesn’t actually create any psychedelic effects, but rather is used as an MAOI, or monoamine oxidase inhibitor which allows the DMT to go into the body. Caapi alone is extremely healing and medicinal. Studies have shown its great depression and anxiety. Banisteriopsis caapi itself has no DMT and will not send you on a psychedelic trip.

The indigenous people of South America are familiar with the plant’s benefits. Taken on its own, the Ayahuasca vine is not addictive, but rather calming and relieving.

Scientific research on Ayahuasca is a growing – and promising – field. One study published in the journal Psychopharmacology found that Ayahuasca significantly reduced levels of depression and stress while increasing convergent (positive) thinking. 


  • PTSD relief
  • Anxiety reduction
  • Overcoming addiction
  • Positive thinking
  • Mental Wellness
  • Memory Improvement
  • Overcoming Depression
  • Better Balance
  • Higher levels of creative thinking

Peganum harmala seeds:

Peganum harmala (Syrian rue) is a Harmala alkaloid and MAOI so it helps to activate and potentiate the DMT from the other plants. Syrian rue has narcotic properties, when taken alone can induce sleepiness, thats why its a main ingredient in planty xany. Its psychoactive alone and can be mixed with other entheogens such as Psilocybin, Mescaline or Blue lotus to make it stronger and last longer. Among the psycho active effects, traditionally it was used in the middle east to regulate menstrual cycles and help with painful menstruation.

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