How to write frames for the new moon

Frame writing is an amazing tool that I came up for manifestation when I heard and became aware that we see life at about 30 frames per second. The Hobbit the Desolation of smog,  the most realistic movie ever created to date was filmed at 48 frames per second. This is pretty amazing if you think about it and it gave me a great idea. If we see life in frames, why not create what we want like we create films or movie scenes? So i decided to break down my life in scenes. I put everything into categories and created small frames for each one. Each frame takes about a month to step into so they are small, easily attainable things. This is not the 5 year plan and your just creating a frame for it and you will magically step into it. There is  story and there a leading up to the main event, just like in a film, and these are what I call frames.

So I broke down the areas of life into the following categories:





Personal growth


Behaviors and habits



First I wrote out my long term vision, the ultimate dream at large as I call it. This is where you play and dream really big without limitations or fears. This is the destination and the frames are the mini scenes that are leading up to this destination.

You should have two documents.

  1. Ultimate Dream at Large
  2. Frames

I took this even a step further and aligned these frames with the moon and I saw amazing results over the past two years. Little by little I have been creating frames and accomplishing small goals one step at a time. I even included this all in my MOON Manifestation planner because I loved it so much. So now every new moon, Im writing new frames and every full moon I’m closing out old perspectives and limiting beliefs. And now I have a really sharp focus of where I am and where Im going. Which is POWER.

I love this technique so much that I wanted to share it with all woman.

A Frame can look like this

Relationship– My relationship with my partner is more communicative, loving and we understand each other better. We have taken the time and energy to invest in our communication and it shows. I am more focused on putting energy here. (Example)

Wealth- A new source of income has showed up for me. I am taking the necessary steps to increase my income in my business.

You write it out how it works for you and make your descriptions like you are creating a scene for a movie, the more descriptions and details the better. Put energy and intention because intention is basically magic.

So every new moon, we write new frames.

Set up a scared space, go to your alter, light a candle, get in the energy, connect with guides, angels, spirits, and write your frames.

On the next new moon do the same. If you have not stepped fully into the frame just readjust it. The frames typically take 1-3 months to manifest.

Record and listen to your frames every day in your morning ceremony.

I love this technique so much because there is something so powerful about the voice along with the description. And its so easy to lye down after a meditation and just listen to your frames.

After over a decade of soul searching I learned something very powerful and that is that whatever we focus on repeatedly we can create. Energy grows where attention goes. Whatever you plant and water will grow. This is the simple science and anyone can do this. What holds us back is not taking this seriously, our limiting perspectives not believing, our fears, pessimism, and resistance. Put these negativities aside and just play for the fun of it. Just do it without any expectations and watch what happens.

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