How to work with an alter- to manifest, heal and stay balanced

What is an alter? 

For me an alter is a sacred space that holds energy where you can manifest from, mediate with, give offerings, give thanks and give gratitude. Your alter is a portal of all the intentions you put there.


What do I put on my alter?

Your alter holds powerful pieces that carry energy for you. It could be photos,  crystals, ritual pieces, anointing oils, magic incense, religious symbols and letters. Your alter is the space you put your intention.

How do I work with my alter?

Over the years my alter practice has expanded as I learned more about its powerful energies. Even when I travel now I carry a small alter with me. The alter holds your power pieces so it can really help you in your spiritual practice. Each morning as part of my routine after I dink some water, the first thing I do is go to my alter and light palo santo and whichever burning intentions I am going to do that morning.

On the left side of my alter in the jars you see here are spells to burn. Each magic incense as house of intuition calls them has a different intention. I do my alter work in alignment with the moon so depending on the moon phase, this will determine what Im going to burn in my morning meditation. I meditate every single day. This has been my practice for ten years. I cannot live or survive without meditation. So I burn something sacred and I sit on my yoga mat and meditate.

In the middle of my alter is a jewell of a pomegranite. This is a very sacred piece for me because a few years ago I was on a trip with my mom in Datca Turkey, we opened a portal and had a full on shamanic weekend with heightened senses, spirits and visits from our past lives. One of the readings I got during a coffee reading was that in my past life I held a seal of a pomegranite and I was receiving it now as a symbol to access these ancestral powers. This pomagranite was gifted to me during that time.

Above the pomegranite is a Selinite wand which is a cleansing crystal known as liquid light. It unblocks stagnant energy for a harmonious flow. If you hold it while meditating it cleanses your aura.

My palo santo holder is made from marble from Bali and my incense holder is a gold lotus flower also from bali.

To the right I have some quartz to amplify the energy of the alter (quartz is used to amplify energy or intention) and I have 2 types of anointing oils and 1 bonding oil for spells. One of the anointing oils is for sight, its from The Green man in Los Angeles and the other one is for Feminine power, wealth and success and i made it in a meteor shower 4 years ago, its filled with all kinds of sacred oils and real money from all over the world that I actually blended up in my bullet blender.

The cross is from the waling wall in Jeruselum  Israel. Israel holds a lot of power for me. I also have dirt, water and sand from Jesus grave site. I have holy water from Mother Mary’s home in Ephasis Turkey.  There is a cross from the Vatican in Rome. And all the small white crystals are from the dead sea I found while floating in a meditation. And there is a piece of copper used for balancing the energies in the body during meditation.


So this is my collection of alter pieces that are sacred and powerful to me.

Let me share what the alter can help you with.

You see that piece of paper under the pomagranite?  Its a spell for the full moon and it was brewing all day in the alter to enhance its power.

Another way you can use your alter is for manifestations. You can put photos and symbols of things you want to manifest.

Also if you want to heal a relationship or forgive someone, you can put their photo on the alter and work with their spirit to heal or communicate with them.

Your alter is very powerful and not only does it ground you and keep you in a healthy routine, it also creates a magical place you can set intentions from.





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