How to remove blockages and heal trauma

In this article I will share helpful tools on how to identify blockages, how to remove them and how to heal through anything.

In psychology development we learned that everything that happens to us from age birth to 7 basically shapes how we perceive the world as an adult. Whatever “trauma” we experienced and beliefs we were taught will be with us for life. We go through life with this program and perspective of how we see the world and its embedded deep within us because we had it since we were very little. It isn’t until we become conscious adults that we can recognize these false beliefs and wounds that we can actually heal them. Sometimes we may never recognize them and we can go through life thinking “nothing good will ever happen to me” and accept it as is, if we don’t pay attention to the patterns.

The easiest way to recognize a “blockage” which is something that is standing in front of your ability to be at your fullest capacity is to look for repeated patterns of response. Our response shows us our triggers. Anytime you get defensive, it means there is something within you ( a wound or belief) around the subject matter. Maybe someone calls you insecure instead of just brushing it off and being like no I’m not, anyways next topic you go into a hour long heated conversation defending yourself that your not insecure. This means that deep inside which you cant see, you have an issue here and its being mirrored for you to look at. If you pay attention to your defensiveness you can find the triggers and those triggers can be traced all the way back to childhood. Maybe you sabotage all your relationships as soon as you feel close and start to feel love you become scared and create a problem. You could trace this back to “I didn’t get the support i needed as a child, my mother always told me I had to be perfect and if I wasn’t, I would get in trouble”.

Some popular false beliefs we may have picked up in childhood

Im not good enough

I am a fraud

my dreams wont come true

no one will ever truly love me

if I open my heart I will just get hurt

I don’t believe I can do it

no one cares about me

Im not allowed to speak or ill get in trouble

If I be nice they will take advantage of me

These are just basic examples of false beliefs that many people I have worked with have in common. The beliefs could have been formed anywhere throughout our life even in our adult life but the ones that we formed in childhood are deeper are harder to recognize.

So now we know that if we pay attention to our triggers and the things that get us all worked up we can recognize wounds within ourself and find patterns of response to understand our core beliefs. These beliefs if are negative are false. Our true self, our authentic self, is powerful and perfect as it is so any belief that is not powerful and perfect as it is is out of alignment with our authentic self.

Tool– A wonderful way to recognize patterns is to keep a journal of every argument or defensive behavior you encounter. This is not to point out behaviors in a person or a partner but actually to find patterns within yourself. Just remember that it always takes two people to create the energy of an argument. If one is peaceful and not responding a argument will never take place. But because the universe is so intrinsically mathematically calculated perfectly everything is happening for a reason and we meet people to help our growth and its calculated perfectly for both people involved. So often we try to blame the other person for our reaction when in fact that other person is just mirroring something to show yourself and you are just mirroring something to show them. We live in a mirror matrix. What you see in others is what exists in you. Everything you see in front of you is a result of whats going on inside of you.

Tool– Once you discover your false beliefs, the things that are blocking you from your truest self and truest potential, its going to take some dedication to reprogram them. Write your false belief on a piece of paper with the words “I release” before the statement. For example I release the false belief that Im not good enough. Do a ceremony each morning as a part of your morning routine where you write the belief or beliefs on pieces of paper, really put your intention on releasing them. You can take some deep breaths and imagine this energy leaving your body and than burn the paper and release it to earth. Do this for at least 21 days. It takes 21 days to reprogram a new belief. If you dedicate yourself and set a strong intention, you will be able to reprogram beliefs. Intention is extremely powerful! If you do this on a full moon its even more powerful!

As I mentioned blockages are the things standing in front of us blocking us from our true self and true potential. That is what a blockage is. A belief that cripples you. A perspective that keeps you imprisoned to your childhood not allowing your adult self to flourish. I gave you some tools but this stuff takes bravery and lots of work. You must dedicate yourself and have devotion for healing. This cannot be just something you focus on for ten minutes a month. Healing must become a part of your daily routine. And you must recognize that the healing will never be complete as long as you are human. When you feel good, and when things are good, you have reached the place. That is our destination, to feel peace inside. It is not to have material success or fame, but to feel a peace of mind, a calm serenity and good feeling. That is it!

If you want to find your blockages you must be brave to recognize them. What hinders us is our ego and denial of the things we don’t want to see. Several people may be telling us the same thing and we don’t want to listen. But if you actually listen, this is when the power comes, and that power comes to you! If you can put your ego aside and admit within yourself the things you are ashamed of, you will grow exponentially. And through our growth a healing takes place. Our growth and healing go hand in hand. As we dive into our childhood beliefs and wounds we must heal to overcome them.

How to heal trauma-

When I say the word trauma I am referring to anything that happened to us through our life experience that was traumatic for us and altered the way we respond and see the world. The way to heal these wounds is to liberate them. Now Im not saying this is easy “just liberate your wounds” but something incredibly healing happens when you talk about your wounds, share them and accept these experiences into your being. If we do not accept parts of our past as a part of us than we create identity crisis in ourself. Not accepting takes us out of alignment with our authenticity. But when we say this is who I am, all of this, than we become complete. And if we are ashamed at some of the things about us than we can change our perspective of it and integrate it into our being. We cannot change our past, the only thing we can change is the way we look at it.

Start integrating the things you are ashamed of into your being. Start talking about them. Share your stories with friends or a support group.

Accept the past as is and change the way you look at it. What happened to you in childhood is not your fault so don’t make it your fault.

Homework for healing trauma– Talk about your traumas with people. Any opportunity you have to share your story, find it and use it. This is a part of accepting it into your being and changing the way you look at it. Instead of seeing it as shameful, give it a different power, that is taught you something, that it made you strong, that is made you sensitive…whatever it is.



I have devotion to my healing

I am present and conscious

I am strong

I love and accept myself for all that I am

I am the navigator of my ship

I believe in my ability

I am grateful for all my past experiences

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