How to prepare for the portal that opens January 21, 2019 that will last to July 2, 2019

On January 21, 2019 is the most powerful day of the entire year for planetary manifestation work. This portal is so special I have been waiting a year for it!  Im so excited its finally here. Let me explain to you what this portal is going to do. You know how 2018 was all about bringing everything to the surface, all our shadows and triggers came to light and relationships with people that were not in alignment with our true path came to an end. This was a year year of transformation for so many of us. This portal is here to assist us with a lifelong blockage. Thats huge! Think of something that has been blocking you your entire life that your seriously sick of and ready to be done with once and for all. Well thats what this portal is for. Its here to assist with that clean up and removal. Its a full Moon Super moon in Leo Total Lunar Eclipse on January 21st when the portal opens. 

Start preparing for this ceremony now by writing down the blockage that you want to remove. This is the one big blockage thats holding you back from everything. Maybe its a belief you picked up in childhood, or maybe its a behavior that you know is holding you back or maybe its something embedded in your genes. This is the time to ask and release for good.

Write on a piece of paper.

I release….the false belief…or I release….the behavior

Fold this paper up and put it on your alter for the January 21st ceremony. If you don’t have an alter put it under a crystal or something sacred. Let it brew. 

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