How to not repeat karma

I noticed a pattern in my documentation and journaling about my Karma. The pattern was that it seems whenever I experienced a trauma, meaning something negative that happened, something jolting, something really uncomfortable… it was directly followed by a Karma ( a lesson) and through that Karma I could choose to have an “awakening” (the gift ) or I would be presented again with a trauma that holds in it the very same karmic (lesson)

I noticed several events in my life where I chose to not accept this awakening and the trauma kept being repeated and I also noticed that the times where I did accept the lesson and was conscious of the karma and this elevated my being and the lesson was not repeated.

The important element that I documented here was, the element of bravery. If I chose to be brave and look at my behaviors and shadows which is really hard to do, a special gift would arrive.  But If the shadows stayed in the dark, another pattern would occur and I would be right back at the uncomfortable spot I was in before, feeling very similar and all too familiar asking myself how did this happen again?

The pattern I discovered looks like this






or it can look like this







Trauma– something traumatic happens that sets us back, its jolting, its intense, its painful and has life long effects. The imprints of a trauma are deep and can be very hard to overcome. A part of our soul often leaves the body when we experience a trauma. We are very sensitive during this time.  After a trauma life alway presents us with the karma. 

Karma-  An opportunity to learn is presented. A lifelong lesson. Can be passed down from our ancestors and not even ours to begin with. Karma gives you a choice. To make your decision based on fear or make your decision based on love.  Fear is taking you away from your true self and whenever a decision is made based on fear you create a contract, “a universal exchange”. I get this in exchange for this. Its like playing with the devil. It might look like the easier way, but your going to pay for it in other ways. If you make your decision based on love you will be presented with a new gift. This gift elevates your soul to another level of consciousness and awakening. You will be able to tell the difference easily  between fear and love because the path of the love and higher self can often feel uncomfortable and the reason is because in it holds a lesson, shadows to be revealed, gunk to come up to the surface, issues to be worked through, truths to be brought to light, a part of yourself to die and rebirth, all of this is very uncomfortable. The fear path is easy, because you don’t have to go through any of this. But just know that if you choose fear, the Trauma will come again to jolt you and force you to make another decision because your soul must evolve. 

Awakening– The awakening is when you realize something doesn’t feel right. You get messages from your spirit that you cant ignore. You are ignited with newness and excitement to go in a different direction because the direction you chose before was wrong. 

Bravery– we can choose to look at this or we can choose to ignore this. We can go through the pain or just completely hide from it. If we don’t look at what we created and deal with it, we could hide for years until things get way worse. So in this moment we have the choice to be brave and do the healing or ignore it and pretend its not there.

Process– After a huge healing and transformation of working on issues and wounds you go through a process.  That was exhausting and now you need to rest and step into the new you that just became unveiled. reflect on what you went through and integrate it into your being to keep healing and keep growing and keep becoming better.

Accept and know that another trauma is coming. Its like the wheel of fortune in the tarot, nothing ever stays the same, everything is in constant motion. Wether its bad or good, this too shall pass.

Thats why all the great mentors teach us to be present. No matter what you are going through, all we have is this moment so make peace with all of it. Find the beauty in all the lessons and growing’s as well as all the happy times and bliss. That is literally what let go and flow means.

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