How to have the perfect menstrual cycle

I decided to write this post because I pretty much have mastered this topic. I am a person who has struggled with irregular periods, cysts, anemia, yeast infections and blood clots my whole life. And as a result I have had to drastically change my lifestyle over the years for my health. On the spiritual level, our second chakra is where we store and hold our unprocessed traumas and emotions this is why most women have issues in the sacred feminine area because we literally have “issues” there. After a lifelong journey of healing I have finally sinked my cycle perfectly with the moon, bleed only two days, have no cramps and my blood is bright red, clean and no clots or weird yucky gunk coming out. And let me tell you this wasn’t always the case. I have had cysts in my ovaries for ten years. These cysts have put me in the hospital more than once and was even so painful one time that I had to be hooked up to morphine. I have which a large population of undiagnosed women have, something  called endometriosis. This is all a manifestation of trauma and wounds in the second chakra. My periods used to put me out for two days. On the first and second day I literally could not leave my bed and the blood was so heavy I always had what looked like a massacre in my bed sheets, every night I would have to lay towels down because i would always wake up in a pool of blood. For years I thought this was just my normal cycle and how my body was but the truth is if your having cramps, clots, or bleeding heavily, theres a problem.

Disclaimer (Im not a doctor, this information is based on my own personal experiences of trials and errors)

So this is my journey to having the perfect menstrual cycle.


Get off birth control

The first thing is to get off all birth control. If your on the pill, your not going to get the real communication that your body is trying to tell you. Basically what birth control does is lie to your body and stops it from ovulating. Birth control is full of man made estrogen and progesterin. Our body produces a different blend of hormones every single day so when were taking the pill, we loose connection with the natural rhythm of our hormones. A woman’s body is aligned with the cycles of the moon and just like the moon is different every single day so is our cycle. Our cycle is our communicator and tells us when something is off balance and our hormones are the navigator for our life.



Think of your cycle and hormones as seasons. Winter, spring, summer and autumn.

Winter is the time of menstruation day 1-6

Spring is day 7-13, pre- ovulation phase

Summer is day 14-21, the ovulation phase

Autumn is day 22-29, the luteal phase, winding down


Start tracking your period.

If your not already document everything, every day about how you feel and start to learn about your body and hormones. Understand which phase your in and see if your period is matching up. Are you bleeding regularly? Is your blood dark red or bright red? How do you feel? What is your mood? is your body aching? By documenting everything you will become more connected toy our body and will eventually be able to detect if any of your hormones are off balance and what your body might be trying to tell you.

Change your diet

If you have cysts or endometriosis you must change your diet. I became full vegan two years ago and this was the only thing that got rid of the cysts. Cysts usually are caused by endometriosis which so many women have as a result of the hormones in our food so we have to be very careful about what we eat. Hormones from dairy and meat products provide feeding grounds for cysts as well as inflammation. After I cut out dairy completely, the cysts could no longer grow and I have been cyst free since. Also I eat a very green and alkaline plant based diet. This has really helped heal my body so much and brought so much vitality.


Focus on Cleansing the Liver

When your blood is dark and clotted it means your liver is not able to process all the toxins, so you must focus on the liver to clean your blood. Your menstrual blood can tell you a lot about whats going on with your body. If your bleeding very heavy, this is not normal and could be from a cyst. Although everyones periods are different its not healthy to bleed so much that you are waking up in pools of blood which used to be the case for me. This can cause anemia as well which also happened to me. After I started cleansing my liver I noticed a change in the color and texture of my blood. It went from dark brown with lots of clots to bright red and clean.

My magic potion for clean blood is celery juice. I drink pressed celery juice every day and it helps everything I eat process through the liver so no toxins stay in my body. I also drink apple cider vinegar with lemon water each morning before anything and I take milk thistle as needed. Milk thistle is an herb that helps cleanse the liver, its very powerful but I noticed the biggest change with the celery juice.


Do Moon Rituals

The other major thing I noticed was that as my body became more healthy, I perfectly sank up with the moon. Its wild but now I bleed exactly on the new moon, every 29 days. This has been for a year now. I do moon rituals since I was little girl but these past few years I have been more devoted to them than ever and they are really helping me to stay balanced not only with my goals and inner work but with my menstrual cycle. If you want to learn more about moon rituals I have lots of content here on this blog, because moon rituals are MAGIC!


Honor your sacred Moon time

As you become more in tuned with your cycle and body, you can schedule and organize your life around these different phases. Give yourself time to rest when your having your period because thats what we are meant to do during this time. Our testosterone is at the lowest at this time so we literally have no energy. Some people have their cheat days every Sunday my ritual is during my winter time I do and eat whatever I please. (except dairy of course!) but I follow my body and I listen to what its craving and I never deny it what it wants. Thank god there is so much amazing healthy plant based food options now that when we crave mac n cheese on our period we don’t have to feel all guilty about it. Vegan donuts have become my favorite (whole foods has the absolute best)

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