How to discover your magic

I talk a lot about how magical women are and about being magical but what does that really mean. Women are cosmic, we are divine beings. The center of the universe lies within our body, in our yoni cave. Where life begins, where magic is created. Women are born with these incredible instincts and feeling receptors which help us as mothers and ambassadors to planet earth.

Every woman has something sparkly inside of them, a light source from the universe, the divine, god, whatever you like to refer to it as. It is our job to find that magical light so that we can share it with the world. Everything is evolution and just like cells in a body we are all cells in this planet earth body. We all have to work together in order for the body to be healthy and in harmony. When we are not shining our light, we are not contributing to the planet earth body as a participating cell.

How do we discover our magic? The first thing is to stop judging yourself and start accepting yourself. Recognize that you are not your story and that everything that has happened to you has happened for a reason for the purpose of your growth to remove blockages to get you closer to that center of magical light energy. When we stop judging ourself, others will stop judging us. People see us how we see ourself. On a conscious level, if you judge yourself for something; that will be projected to the world and others will judge you for the same. As soon as you start accepting and loving yourself and projecting that to the world, others will see you in that same way. The magic is in you all along. Your magic is very simply, your authenticity. When you remove layers, blockages, traumas, the light comes through and its always beautiful.

We cannot compare ourself to other people or judge ourself for not being a certain way. We have to forget about everything thats happening outside of us and just get to the truth of who we are. That truth is the light.

The magic rises as the blockages become removed. As layers shed, light comes through and without trying to control it we have to embrace it. So we are a human, so we were born with “this or that” and our family is this way and we went through these experiences..ok every human has traumas and things they have gone through. So just relax about that. You will never be perfect so relax and stop trying. What you might see as a flaw or a scar is actually your biggest strength and beauty.

Give yourself love, do things for your little girl just like you would for your own child. When Im working with my clients one of the first things I do with them is I draw a circle and inside of that circle we write down everything they enjoy that makes them happy. Most of the time people don’t even know what makes them happy, like they have never actually thought about it as a reality or something important. I say pretend its the weekend or you have a break and money is no issue how would you spend your time. What kinds of things bring you pleasure. Without judgement what kinds of things bring you pleasure? Its so important to know your pleasure centers and to nurture them because they fill up your vessel and put you on a high vibration. Being in pleasure unites you deeper to yourself and puts you in direct connection with your magic. Once you discover the things that bring you pleasure you want to incorporate these into your daily life. Schedule your day around pleasure. Make your pleasure the number one priority.

Your job is to discover your magic, fall in love with that magic and share it with the world.

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