How to Connect with your ancestors

Here is what I have come to understand about our ancestors and the importance of the connection we have with them so far. I will be on this journey of learning but these are my recent discoveries.

In a recent mushroom ceremony I had,  the stars turned into people and all my ancestors appeared from as far back as 7,000 years. They explained that we are in a hive and we are all connected and just because someone dies, the threads that connect us don’t and together we all have work to do, we have missions to complete and these missions are not driven by ego, they are driven by karma and the need to heal the wounds of the hive and get fully into the light.

My ancestors showed me the darkness on the planet and how so many people are choosing to be in this darkness. The darkness is an energy, just like the light is and its everywhere.

I had already made connection with them before the mushroom ceremony many times and have been connecting deeply to my hive for the past few years. In the beginning I didn’t know where to start so I started with meditation (that was 12 years ago) a few years ago I stopped drinking alcohol after the voices that were telling me to stop got so loud that I couldn’t take it anymore. Once the fuzzyness from alcohol wasn’t there to distract me and keep me asleep I heard the spirits loud and strong. Not only my ancestor spirits but many other spirits that had lots to tell me. The channel had been opened.

I believe the channel opened because of my rituals. While living in Turkey I went deep into my rituals with the moon and opening a ceremony each morning and connecting with spirit. I believe that since these are the things our ancestors did it deepened the connection.

I started painting again a few years ago and all kinds of messages came through in the artwork, looking back I can definitely see now that it was my ancestors communicating to me.

When I moved back to America this past year I started making herbal medicines with my mother. The ancestors told me how lucky we were to be together, to have the relationship that we have and to be able to create such beautiful things together. The mother daughter bond is something they definitely recognize and deepens the connection.

While I was living in Thailand I connected with my father who I had only met once in my life and didn’t know anything about. My whole life I have been searching for myself because of this missing piece in  my puzzle of not knowing my father. Not knowing who I am has led me allover the world looking to find myself.  When I was younger I would look in the mirror and just make up nationalities that I could be possibly be. I knew I was something. But where was I from? I always felt connected deeply to a strong blood line and the spirits but I had no idea where it was coming from or what it meant. The first thing I asked when my sister reached out to me whom I didn’t even know existed was where is our father from and when she told me he’s Native American it was like that entire chapter of my life could close and I could now rest in peace knowing who I am.

It completely made sense that my gifts are talking to spirits, traveling to the underworld through drums and doing moon rituals and making medicine. These were the gifts from my bloodline. I had them my whole life but I didn’t know where they came from. On my mothers side we are Spanish and English. I always felt the strong connection to my Spanish roots and  my mom is very powerful. She’s a real witch in my opinion. Her ancestry line is full of goddess women who were suppressed, raped and abused. So I come from this line of suppressed Goddesses from my mom and strong warrior women from my dad and today Im learning how to work with them and tap into the gifts so I can heal the hive.

This past year when I moved to LA they told me to move to Joshua Tree. They kept telling me and I kept getting the signs and nudges that I needed to be there. I had never been to Joshua Tree but I heard it was beautiful. Finally before even visiting I listened to them and moved here.

I now understand why they wanted me here. Because this portal, the energy that is here is a direct uninterrupted clear connection to my native American family. Since I have been here they have even guiding my on everything to do. They direct my business, they teach me about nature, about the wounds in our family, about our gifts and how to use them. They talk to me all the time. In this ancestral line most of our time was spent in ceremony and connecting with spirit and nature and so now more than ever in my own life I am doing the same.

Why is it so important to connect with them? Because they know what needs to be done. Everything that was not completed gets passed down through the hive. They have generations and generations of medicine in the thread. We have to wake up. We have to understand that everything is so sacred. Everything is happening for so many reasons.

So I think if you want to connect more deeply with your ancestors first find out who they are and then start doing things they did. Go to the places they lived. Eat the foods they ate. Participate in the rituals they did. Connect with the moon. All of our ancestors connected with the moon.

Trust in them. Call upon them. rattle, drum, ask them to come. And when they come, ask them what to do next.

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  1. Meeting ur dad must have been . . . . I don’t know, but wierd. I never met my dad and I’m not sure that I would want to at this point. Maybe it would help me understand myself, but I am comfortable having an unknown origin. In a sense, part of my identity is being fatherless.

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