How art can reveal your subconscious truths


Art has revealed so many layers to me this past year, its incredible. Art Therapy is far more than painting to feel good.

I first got back into painting a few years ago when I started painting my visions. The visions were so mystical and magical in my mind that I just wanted to bring them to life. By drawing the visions down I was able to discover hidden messages and that is exactly what makes art such a powerful healing tool. What was the expression on my face? What was the symbology I used? Colors? What were the hidden meanings. What seemed like a made up story tale to others, and was a real shamanic vision for me, turned out to reveal so much about my past life. Wether a past life exists or not, the healing that took place from that experience, those paintings and the messages I received was very real symbology for me.

2018 was the year I came full circle to many unresolved lifelong issues for and the artwork played an important role.


After my visions I began a Tarot Journey. I love tarot and have been practicing it since I was a teenager but the cards were outdated and un-relatable to me. Although so many others have created beautiful tarot decks, I love the Ryder wade and wanted to make the imagery more modern so I started painting my own version of the Ryder Wade Tarot deck with upgrades a higher self perspective for the outcomes.

About half way through the Major Arcana I realized the story I was telling was a lot about me and my journey and the lead character I was painting was me! So this deck is turning out to be a healing project for me, painting my heroines journey and connecting to my higher self for the best possible outcomes. Another way art has changed my life and become so powerful.


And a really cool way to get answers about yourself and become more self aware is by doing a self portrait. Get a photo of yourself and paint it. When you are finished talk to the painting and look in her eyes. My self portrait journey was actually not meant to be a self portrait at all I found a photo of a woman online, she had blonde hair and blue eyes and I just wanted to paint a portrait so see how I did. Little by little, the woman started looking more like me. So I finally gave in to what was happening and created my own self portrait. I put symbologies, my power animal and things I liked. When it was all finished I got so many hidden messages its insane! The most important message I got was that deep sown inside I was scared. You can see the fear in my eyes. I feel alone and I am afraid to go forward. Was afraid because now after receiving the messages from my inner self I have worked on tackling my fear head on.

I love painting so much but to me the hidden messages that get revealed when its finished is the best part.

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