Erotic Popper

Erotic Popper was created with the intention to have something you can take before a sacred sexual ceremony, either with your partner or alone, that would increase your sex drive while putting you in a trance and euphoric state and helping you connect more on a deeper level. I carefully selected the ingredients after extensive research throughout the ancient texts and it turned out better than I could imagine. The testers report back that 1 dropper is strong enough and anything more just increases intensity. It brings out emotions and makes you more sensitive so can be used as a great relationship companion. I think its so important to have ceremony in your relationship often to keep the bond strong and continuously be growing.

Erotic Popper was extracted for a full moon cycle in Organic food grade vodka with Damina, Egyptian Blue Lotus, Datura wrightii regal and salvia divinorum than Sassafras was added at the end.

Damiana has been used traditionally as an aphrodisiac in many cultures around the world. Damiana was recorded to be  used as an aphrodisiac in the ancient Mayan civilization, as well as for “giddiness and loss of balance.” A Spanish missionary first reported that the Mexican Indians made a drink from the damiana leaves, added sugar, and drank it for its purported power to enhance lovemaking.

Egyptian Blue Lotus was known as the “Viagra” to the Pharoahs,  Blue Lotus was used by ancient Egyptians to enhance the sex drive and create trancy, euphoric and dreamy states.

Datura wrightii regal is used worldwide as an aphrodisiacs. They are macerated in liquor or wine, added to love potions, used in love magic (cf. … In India, the Indian thorn apple ( Datura  metel is the “plant of the gods of love” and is– of course — used as an aphrodisiac. Datura is also extremely psychedelic and was used for ceremony, to enhance, dreams, and for deep spiritual work, traditionally allover the world. I added a tiny tiny amount to the extract to give it the psychedelic flavour and for the aphrodisiac qualities.

Salvia if taken in small doses can increase sensual feelings and arousal.

Sassafras (MDA) similar to MDMA chemically is backed by science to enhance the libido in men. Sassafras can increase sexual pleasure and create a state of euphoria, more energy, heightened sex drive and firmer erections..

This extract is for both female and male.

Recommended dosage- Start with 1 dropper full. Shake the bottle and fill the dropper to the top and add the liquid from the dropper to a warm solvent like a cup of lotus tea. Always mix the extracts in a warm solvent to dilute the alcohol and not harm your liver. Wait 45 minutes to feel the effects. If you need stronger effects increase dosage. DO NOT DRINK THE ENTIRE BOTTLE. If you drink the entire bottle at once there could be serious side effects. I do not recommend more than 6 droppers full at a time and you should take breaks in-between your ceremonies. Your body builds tolerance with the psycho active entheogens so you will not feel then as strong if taken every day.

Testers feedback:

“My emotions are super magnified
This is amazing 
I feel a tinge if an emotion and it blows Up where I can see it clearly
I took 3 droppers in total now but 1 dropper is plenty strong
I was just curious what more would do”

“After taking 6 droppers of erotic popper in total I realized that it made me extremely sensitive to my emotions. Like nothing could be hidden from me. I didn’t realize how much I’ve tried to hide these emotions from myself, these beautiful messages that im scared to see the truth in.
I was expecting to just get really horny, but this ended being a SUPER powerful shadow work tool. 
I felt hidden anger, shame, insecurity, frustration, and despair pop out right at me like a pop up book, I couldn’t hide it from myself or anyone else, I couldn’t contain it, I had to admit to them.”

“Will treat this with more respect and work with it more, it’s incredible. At first I projected those feelings on to the extract, saying it’s cuz of the extract I feel that, playing the blame game until I fully realized it was just revealing myself so pronounced. It was scary. In the best way. Not to be toyed with.”

“The droppers made it so fucking clear the patterns associated with my emotions, the exact same feelings each banging like vibrations from the same source. Made it so I couldn’t look away no matter how hard I tried”

“I used one dropper and felt profound effects from it. Colors were brighter, wave of euphoria This is definitely has amazing aphrodisiac properties and experienced it last night. You feel every sensation so intense this is amazing medicine and very strong excited to try it with 2 droppers next”

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