Egyptian Blue Lotus

The Lotus (Nymphaea caerulea) flower was cherished in Ancient Egypt and was used often. It is psycho-active and actually illegal in some countries and even some of the states in America. The dosage to feel the effects is high so most likely if you have drank a blue lotus tea or a tincture mixed with other things you may not have felt its alchemy. When taken in a proper dose which is anywhere from 5gm to 10gm you might feel slightly high in a dream state, a euphoric feeling which is very comparable to MDMA and lucid like your coming in and out of dreams. The Egyptians made Blue Lotus wine and I have discovered something happens to the chemistry when mixed with wine and it really feels like a plant version of ecstacy.

My Process:

This extract was created with 450 grams of grinded up Blue Lotus (Nymphaea caerulea) flowers and buds compressed tightly into a gallon size glass jar on the Full moon in Aquarius August 3 for a complete Moon Cycle. My lotus flowers are sourced from an organic Lotus farm in Chiang mai, Thailand whom I respect and trust.


Take 1-3 droppers full alone or mix with tea to feel relaxed anytime during the day or evening. Lotus can bring a dreamy, euphoric, mystical state of mind that is really cool for winding down in the evening or to take the edge off during the day.

Drop 5-10 droppers full in a glass of red wine for a deep euphoric feeling very similar to MDMA.

Drink the whole bottle (30ml) in warm tea or with wine for a full ceremonial, deep, ecstatic, dreamy experience.

Price: 33.00 plus 4 shipping

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