Eclipse your shadow, Liberate with the Full Moon- Ceremony Recipe

Longest lunar eclipse of the century

If your tapped into the moons energies maybe these past couple weeks “have felt intense” (as we are inching closer to this full moon eclipse) ,” have felt a little off” and “a transition is happening and there is nothing you can do about it.” The reason is because this Full Moon Eclipse is all about bringing your shadows to the surface. Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon always bring out our shadow self and the Eclipse is a time where these energies will be magnified and we have the opportunity to work in conjunction with the moon to help release and face these parts of ourself that can actually empower and liberate us.

Full Moon Eclipse Ceremony Below


What is the shadow self?

Carl Jung stated the shadow to be the unknown dark side of the personality. According to Jung, the shadow, in being instinctive and irrational, is prone to psychological projection, in which a perceived personal inferiority is recognized as a perceived moral deficiency in someone else

Have you ever had an argument with someone and it seemed like they were blaming you for  what was actually a trait you could see clearly in them? If you could see in them something they couldn’t, maybe its possible that others can see in you what you cannot see about yourself. The ‘shadow’ is the side of your personality that contains all the parts of yourself that you don’t want to admit to having. And they come to our awareness through the projection of other people! Holy Shizzzz

It is only through effort to become self aware that we become conscious of our shadow side.

Many people see the shadow side as negative but thats simply not true, its just the part of you that you feel as weak and want to hide and deny it. Shadow could be anger, rage, sadness but you also might hide your things about yourself like your sensitivities or emotions. Your shadow can be of benefit to you and offer many gifts if you try to understand it.

Carl Jung believed that if we were to be a fully integrated human we needed to fully see the dark side of ourselves.

When we recognize and accept our shadow we can become more whole and balanced. When we can begin to accept the things about ourselves we can begin to understand and accept the things about others.

When we repress and deny things about ourselves, they do not disappear. Rather, they can grow in power and cause us more and more difficulties. Often our repressed shadow side will do this via what is know as psychological projection.

Psychological projection is when we attribute an unconscious thought, feeling or even talent of our own onto another person.

When it comes to the shadow, it will be a seemingly ‘unacceptable’ attribute you see in another person, and the projection often comes couched in blame.

If you look honestly at yourself you will find that the very thing you are complaining about, is the trait in yourself that you don’t want to look at.

It takes bravery to look at the parts of yourself that need healing

The fastest way to discover your shadow self is to pay attention to what you are constantly blaming others for. What are the things that irritate you in other people? Does that characteristic exist within you too? (be honest)

How can we use this Eclipse to Embrace our shadow?

This Eclipse and Full moon combined are going to amplify these parts of yourself that you have been denying. Are you ready to be self- aware or do you want to stay ind denial about something everyone else can see clearly? Are you ready to be more loving towards people? It starts with being more loving towards yourself!

Use this time to really pay attention to the projections (the things that are being said to you like a mirror that you don’t want to look at) recognize and become aware of these parts of yourself that you would rather hide. Personally this Eclipse has helped me recognize many and Im completely in shock at what I saw. There are parts of my personality that I thought others had around me that I didn’t like but it was actually being projected to show me about myself. Things I don’t want to share with the world like that I act like a 5 year old when I don’t get my way or that I have the emotional intelligence of a 17 year old when Im in a relationship or that I can loose my shit or I can be sensitive about certain subjects or that Im scared, don’t believe in myself, take things personally, seriously and might have a stick up my butt and could use a good feather ruffling. These are my shadows that have been brought to my attention and Im so grateful I can see them now. Im greatful because it helps me to understand and connect more with other humans. It helps me to recognize blockages within myself that might be holding me back and now I can tackle them straight and arrow. And when I think bout these things, its ok because every single person every human has parts of their self that are not perfect, our polarity. Its only when we deny these parts that they become imbalanced. Recognizing them is actually quite liberating.

So here is my ritual for Embracing your shadow self on this Full Moon Blood Moon Aquarius Eclipse.

CEREMONY- July 27th Full Moon Blood Moon Aquarius Eclipse 🌑

Pay attention for the next few days what might be a part of your shadow self. Write these things down. Pay attention to your dreams and the archetypes in them, these might be parts of your shadow. Pay attention to the conversations that might be projections. Even if both people are both projecting. Be brave to look at these parts of yourself that need healing.

Create a sacred space for your ceremony

beach ceremony 2

Somewhere outside in nature where the moon is visible or on a balcony, patio or backyard. If you don’t have access to this,  maybe next to a window in your place. Gather ritual tools like palo santo or sage, candles, paper and pen and any other alter pieces that can bring energy to your ritual like crystals, anointing oil or flowers. The more energy and intention you put into your ceremony the more power it will have.

beach ceremony tarot

In wicca practice we X the four corners of our paper and write our name backwards. This is how I do my rituals but you may choose to write your paper however you like.

beach paper

Write on a piece of paper the following:

I am now aware of these parts of myself and I accept them as a part of me. My awareness brings me power and by this awareness I am able to compassionately be patient with myself as I manage these different parts of me. Hiding my shadow self does not mean they will go away. I release the perspective that these parts of me are bad and any shame around them. I release the perspective that these parts of myself are not benefiting me and any judgement to myself. On this full moon today, I release all false perspectives about myself and I accept everything about myself from this day forward. My body is in perfect harmony. I love and accept myself and I will love and accept others just the same.

so mote it be ⚡️

full moon eclipse ritual.001.jpeg


Read this paper out loud

Burn this paper and release it to the energy of the moon


Ceremony Tools you may use and what is their benefit:

Palo Santo– Palo Santo is a sacred ceremonial wood from the amazon rainforest. It has been used traditionally for its cleansing and purifying benefits. The essential oil of palo santo is used to relieve stress and anxiety and was used by Native Americans to cleanse the energy. Palo Santo dates all the way back to the time of the Inca Empire and was used to clean bad energy and promote good fortune. I use Palo Santo daily first thing when I wake up to cleanse the energy and I find it to be my favorite smudge stick in my ceremonies.

Anointing Oils– Anointing oils date all the way back to the biblical times and are widely used in religious ceremonies. These are essential oil blends that assist in the energy of certain things. They are created with intention usually on a special planetary day by a witch, shaman or someone in the esoteric practice. They can serve many purposes like cleansing energy, helping to bring in abundance and money, bringing in love, assisting in deeper connection to spirit, healing a physical pain. They are intention oils to be used in rituals and ceremonies. I use two anointing oils each morning in my morning ceremony. I have one to connect me deeper to spirit and one for assisting with manifestation.

Candles– Candles are used in ritual to open and close the ceremony. You light the candle at the beginning and each handle represents a different energy. There are different colors of different things you want to focus on for example white represents peace and higher self, a black candle can be used of protection and binding, purple to focus on spiritual power and your third eye, blue for good fortune and opening blocked communication, green for physical healing and personal goals, pink for nurturing, affection and romance, red for passion strength and survival. All the colors have been imprinted through years and years of this practice that they hold their very own energy so the more details that go into your ceremony the more powerful it will be.

Crystals– The ancients knew that crystals hold energy, for millennia, crystals, minerals and gem stones have been used to bring about healing and enhance physical, emotional and spiritual balance. Crystals have been shown to oscillate at their own frequencies, and even respond to the input of vibrations. The cells in the human body also vibrate at certain frequencies, as do the chakras (the centers of the human energy body). So when we come into contact with a crystal, its vibration interacts with the vibration of the cells in our body.

Intention Incense– I have all these little jars of different incense that do different things. I get them from House of Intuition in LA and they are made in ceremony through a really powerful medicine woman who channels the ingredients from her ancestors. I have different blends like “an offering to guardian angels. Assists in lifting your prayers to the heavens ” “assists in meditation into other worlds and connects you to the cosmos” “promotes abundance and financial gain” “psychic protection from those that wish to harm you” “promotes magic energy for spell casting and spiritual work” “for romantic, platonic, sensual, unconditional love and all matters of the heart”. Her stuff is amazing! I use them in all my ceremonies.

Alter Pieces– Alter pieces and power pieces are anything you feel connected to that hold power for you that can bring that power to assist in the energy of whatever you are intending to focus on. This could be a photo, a symbol of some sort, crystals, rocks, statues. The more you do ceremonies with them, the more powerful they become.

Medicine pouch  My mom uses a medicine bag in all her ceremonies and its filled with all her sacred pieces. She holds it in her lap while she meditates and its a power source for her. She collects things that symbolize different energies for her from her travels and experiences, she even has a dead frog inside.

So these are some of the Ceremonial tools you can use if you feel connected to any of them and feel free to alter in any way that you like.



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