How to create a morning ceremony and why you need it.


Having a morning routine is essential for every women to stay balanced. Create a ritual that suits you that you can do every day.

First thing when you wake up you can make yourself a hot cup of water with lemon and honey. You want to give your body time to wake up before drinking coffee or eating anything. The only thing you want to put in your body is water. The warm water with lemon kickstarts the digestive process and gets your body ready for the day. Lemon is antibacterial and antiviral and supports the immune system. This is a great way to start your morning routine.
Take your hot water with lemon and lets do our daily ceremony.

Your daily ceremony
In meditation I learned that if you meditate in the same space each time, over time that space will become stronger and stronger creating an energy that reminds you and puts you quickly into the result of that meditation and that each time you pass by this space it can put you right back into the meditation. The same thing goes for your morning ritual. The more you do it and the more energy you put into it, the stronger the results will be.
My mother taught me to open a portal which in the “spiritual” term means to open an energy center to connect to another space or realm. Imagine an invisible spinning mandala and give it a color, mine is bright blue. This is the great thing about practicing this type of work, it can be really fun and creative.

I will share my mothers morning ritual since she taught me how to do it.
First you have your sacred space where you do your ritual. You create this using things that represent your power or power support, I call them power pieces. The pieces or photos are meant to give you energy from whatever it is. You can also put things that you want to manifest or maybe a person that you love that you are trying to heal the relationship with.
My mother and I use alters to place our power pieces and collect energy. Directly above the alter is where we open portals. My alter has a pomegranate which represent for me success and reaching the next phase of my life. The pomegranate was a symbol I was given through many coffee readings and its also depicted in my art even before I was aware that it was a power piece. I have a photo of my son. Sometimes I talk to his soul through the photo but it reminds me to have a relationship with him in the spirit world because since he is a teenager now, our relationship is not as close as it used to be. I show him love and communicate with him this way. I have crystals that represent energy for me, one reminds me of a past life I had in Atlantis. I have a photo of Sibyl who was an oracle of Delphi, who I was in a previous life, she gives me wisdom and strength. I have a photo of Alucemet, a Dragon I met and I painted. I have oils and some small sacred pieces that give me balance.

Your alter is meant to support you and remind you to stay connected to your power. The pieces and photos are just representations of energy that you connect with. You can use this energy to support you through your day or to manifest something or to heal something or support in the healing of someone.

My mother opens portals each morning to her most energetic places like Mt Shasta, Mt Kilauea, Glastonbury England. On her alter she has stones that represent each space (her stones are actually from the places) but the stones hold power and energy and make the alter that much stronger so when she opens the portal to that energy space its really powerful. You can open portals to anything you connect with or feel connected to. For example, a place you may have had a spiritual transformation, a place you visited that felt powerful or maybe a place your ancestors are from. Through practice you will develop these places that are your power points and this will become a tool in your spiritual tool belt. Maybe your place is not even on Planet Earth but in another galaxy, maybe you open a portal to the sun to receive the power of the sun. Also it does not have to be exactly the same every day. Sometimes we go through things in life and we need to call on different powers for support.

I like to open portals to Kona Hawaii because I had several mind blowing experiences there that changed my life. Its a power place that called me so I lived there for almost two years. In this place I became very connected to the sea animals such as the dolphins, the manta rays and sea turtles so I also call upon these animals for their support. I also open a portal to Datca, Turkey which is where I had a life changing experience with my mother and my shaman. We were in a shamanic trance for 5 days and during this we encountered a dragon by the name of Alucemet who spoke to my mom, gave her gifts and told her many things about me. I also open a portal to the space I go when I meditate. It exists in another realm but its my happy, calm place. I can meditate for a few moments during my ritual and feel the energy of this space.

After you open the portal, what you do is call on your arch angels and guides and thank them for their support and ask them to be with you throughout the day. Mediate with them for some time. If you only have 10 minutes,10 minutes is better than no minutes. You can also burn some incense to help clear the air before you go into meditation and make this part of your ritual.

You do not need to worry about any dark entities coming through your portal as long as you are working with your angels. If you are not familiar with the archangels you can read about them and discover which ones you connect with the most. You can also call upon angles and guides to assist you. If you are not already talking to your guides you can ask them to talk to you and they will. If you do not hear them its because you have a fear associated with it. Each person has a team of guides and they are here to help you with the tasks you set up to do. You have a main guide that was with you since you were born and will be the one to help you cross back when you die. You also have many others that come and go throughout your life based on what it is you are doing. Your guides love you and serve you, its their purpose for this period of their evolution. When you are a guide you do not have free will so your guide cannot say no to you. If you ask one of your guides for assistance on something whether its for your good or not they do not have the ability to make decisions for you. They do not see anything as bad or good they only see evolution and your free will.

During this time you can also set your intention for the day. What this means is depending upon what your day looks like with your schedule, you can visualize the best outcome. For example today I will catch a taxi right away..the driver will be super nice and positive. I will arrive to my first meeting on time and feeling relaxed. The meeting will go great and I will sign the deal. It will be better than I expected. After that I will go to my yoga class and it will be so relaxing…like this. Or if you have nothing planned for the day you can say today I will have such a peaceful and relaxing day and it will rest my entire body. The purpose of setting your intention is to be aware that by using better thoughts, you can create better outcomes.

The purpose of doing rituals is to keep you balanced, to stay present so you don’t get off track. Your morning ritual is your power place. This is a place that keeps you balanced and connected. Its important to stay connected to your support team, your guides, your angels and your power places and people. Women need to stay balanced to be strong and access their gifts of intuition and instincts.

It doesn’t take very long but its very powerful and the more you do it, the more connected you will become. At the end of the day you can go back to your sacred space and close the portal and thank all the guides and angels for their support.

After you do your morning ceremony now we need to nourish our body.

100% you are what you eat. Keep that in mind. If you eat dead food that is processed and fake. Your body will not be living at its fullest potential. Food is medicine and vital life energy. Food can be so powerful. The food you eat can transform you. The food you eat can take years off your skin. It can heal you. Food is our Divine Mother Earths gift to us. Be conscious of what you put into your scared body temple.

The simple rule here is this: Just eat real food. This means anything from the earth that is not processed and is organically grown. Think of everything that you put in your mouth as medicine. Ask yourself if the food is going to give you vital energy or put you to sleep?

My diet consists of mostly raw food. I drink a lot of pressed juiced vegetables whenever I can and I eat a lot of smoothies which contain vegetable proteins and herbs. Eating this way not only keeps me healthy, keeps me away from the doctor, gives me so much energy but also keeps me looking young and vibrant. Another simple rule to follow is stay away from “white” food. White sugar, white bread, white flour. When the food is white, it generally means its been processed. When you eat processed foods your body doesn’t know how to digest it properly so it builds up toxins which can cause illness, aging and blockages. You will have more energy, more clarity, and you will look and feel better when you eat raw, organic, healthy green food. The most important thing to remember is that “something” is better than “nothing. Don’t try and change your entire eating habits all at once, just incorporate some good habits little by little and than before you know it you will have formed all new habits.

Have a beautiful day


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