Ceremony for the Full Moon Eclipse portal January 21, 2019

If you havn’t already thought about or wrote down your Manifesto wish for the portal ( a lifelong blockage) than its something you should really think about from now to the 21st. There will be a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse that opens a energy portal for stronger releasing manifestos than just the full moon alone. The energy is super heightened as its a full moon super moon Total Lunar Eclipse. We can use this energy to release something huge! You don’t want to miss this opportunity.

On July 2, 2019 Their will be a new moon in Cancer and a Total Solar Eclipse. This is the beginning of the new you after your transformation. You will go through a rebirth after this lifelong blockage has been removed. At this new moon we will set a new intention and a new direction with the new you.

Some Lifelong blockages you may wish to illiminate could be limiting beliefs and thought patterns…

Im not good enough

no one will ever truly love me

my dreams cant and wont come true

no matter how hard I try I wont make it

if I open my heart to someone they are just going to abandon me

I need a man to survive

I cant be successful on my own

the only way to get what i want is to manipulate

lying is the only way to get ahead

i will always be poor

i will always struggle

im a bad person

life is always going to be hard

Some things you may wish to illiminate or heal



Broken Heart

repeated patterns in relationships

Karmic cords

Karmic debts

repeated patterns in business


anger towards a person

blame to another person

negative self talk

After you have identified a theme in your life that your going to use for your portal manifesto write it down like this ….

(Make two copies of the paper)

I release the false belief that…..

I release the…..

I release…..

One part for the MOON, One part for you.

Put your paper’s on your alter.



On the evening of January 21st we do the ritual

Use this as a guide not as a set of rules. Modify and adjust the ritual to make it your own as much as you like.

January 21, 2019 Portal Ritual

After sunset set up a sacred space in nature preferably underneath the moon. 

If you don’t have access to nature, open your window.

Light a candle to signify this time is sacred.

Take some deep breaths and ground your energy

Call in our higher help. Spirit guides, animals, angels, ancestors. Gather everyone around for this sacred time.

Read your paper and commit yourself to what the paper says. Feel what its going to feel like after this thing has been released and imagine what kind of person your going to be after the transformation.

Burn one copy of the paper as a symbol of releasing to the moon for the moon to do its magic.

Keep the other copy to read every day until the portal closes.

Your assistance will be needed as you must continue the intention of this releasing manifesto and do the necessary work to assist the healing and transformation.

Using the energy of the ECLIPSE.

Make an anointing oil to use in your intention. (What you are releasing paper)

On the day of the Eclipse, get a small jar and mix a carrier oil (could be olive oil, coconut oil, grapeseed oil, whatever you have in the pantry) Just a small bit as it will be used for anointing. Add essential oils, and anything that feel in alignment with you. Label the jar or bottle and give it a date. Can be a small mason jar or an old makeup jar or essential oil jar. On the evening of the Eclipse place your anointing oil under the moon all night. The next morning it will be ready.

Use this anointing oil along with your paper and each morning until July 2nd, anoint yourself with the oil by putting a small dab on your third eye and read the paper and visualize the intention coming true. How does your life look like after this huge blockage is removed and what can be brought in now that this thing is not holding you back anymore.


Ceremony 3.5

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Ceremony 5.5

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