Why Everyone MUST do shadow work and how its holding you back from your true power if you don’t!

A complete personality consists of two parts, the good and the evil or the light and the dark. Even though we do not want to accept the darkness that is actually a very real part of us, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. In my opinion this is the bravest part of our evolution a... Continue Reading →


When things seem hopeless what can we do? Real tools for accessing a power source inside yourself.

When our emotions are high and we feel hopeless and unstable how do we get back to normal? The worst thing you can do in this situation is medicate yourself. Medicating yourself through alcohol, drugs or sex is just going to num the pain for a moment, might even cause more damage and will surely... Continue Reading →

10 ways to connect with spirit

1. ✨Ask ✨ Sit down,  close your eyes and ask to connect with your spirit, spirit guides and the energy of the Universe, ask to connect with God. Ask spirit to give you signs to communicate.  2. ✨Make a commitment and have a devotion✨ If you want a good friendship with spirit you have to... Continue Reading →

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