A walk with Pedro

  Pedro (Hauchuma) (San Pedro) cactus from Peru is a psychoactive cactus containing mescaline very similar to Peyote but much more sustainable and abundant.  I’ll share my story of walking with Pedro and what an experience with mescaline could be like.  I was first introduced to Hauchuma from my ex (lover/friend Capricorn in my bad... Continue Reading →

My bad trip

I had been developing a deeper relationship with the wizard (what I call mushrooms) and was starting to navigate and understand the mushroom world really well. I think I had done 40 maybe 50 ceremonies at this point and never experienced a bad trip until this happened. Even though Im calling it a "bad trip"... Continue Reading →

How to Connect with your ancestors

Here is what I have come to understand about our ancestors and the importance of the connection we have with them so far. I will be on this journey of learning but these are my recent discoveries. In a recent mushroom ceremony I had,  the stars turned into people and all my ancestors appeared from... Continue Reading →

Why Plant Medicine must be done in Ceremony

All of our ancestors have been working with plant medicines probably since the dawn of time. It’s found all throughout history dating back to 9000 BCE.  Before all this modern day craziness of technology, disconnection and numbness we lived in tribes, we had rights of passages and we had elders. The elders, shamans and medicine... Continue Reading →

How to not repeat karma

I noticed a pattern in my documentation and journaling about my Karma. The pattern was that it seems whenever I experienced a trauma, meaning something negative that happened, something jolting, something really uncomfortable… it was directly followed by a Karma ( a lesson) and through that Karma I could choose to have an "awakening" (the... Continue Reading →

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