Amanita Muscaria

Amanita Muscaria Micro-dose extract 

This magical little red mushroom is depicted through the art of religions throughout the entire world. Fly Algaric (Amanita) is generally referred to for its Hallucinogenic and psycho active properties but is mostly overlooked for all of its amazing other benefits. In ancient Siberian cultures and throughout Europe it was considered a potent pain medicine and rumored it was what was given to Jesus when he was hung on the cross for his pain. It is generally thought that this exotic mushroom species is poisonous but only a few fatal incidences have occurred with very large doses of 60 plus gm. Its benefits are unfounded and many when used for micro-dosing or in higher doses. 

  • Boosts immune system
  • Has antimicrobial properties from the mycelium
  • Natural pain killing properties
  • Euphoria and Bliss
  • Vitality
  • Greatly decreases pain
  • Increases energy
  • Can decrease or stop depression
  • Helps purge and detoxify the body
  • Can bring a person closer to spirit
  • Lowers Inflammation

My Process: These are wild foraged Amanitas from a farm I respect in Washington, USA. These are Washington grade A++. This extract was made with 108 grams of grounded up Amanita Red caps with  organic food grade vodka. They are processed for a complete moon cycle using 100% plant to solvent.

Effects: The dosage for an amanita experience are high, you need 10-20 grams to feel the trippy, psychedelic effects. As a micro dose you would feel slightly enhanced but not strong. Micro-dosing Amanita can help you have a better mood, clarity of thought, heightened focus and euphoria.

Dosage: 1-3 droppers full in the morning first thing on an empty stomach. Mix with tea or coffee. Do not drink straight from the bottle or you can damage your liver. Always mix extracts with a warm solvent.

Dosage for pain: Take 1-3 droppers full with a warm liquid solvent like tea as needed. Can also rub directly on pain point.

Amanita Muscaria oil

Amanita Muscaria, which contains the alkaloid muscimol has been used throughout history as a strong pain medicine. Today studies show that it works for Neuropathic pain and pain management. The effects of the muscimol oil begin immediately and last for 5–10 hours. These include euphoria and dream-like state of mind, body high and pain reducer. 

My process: The oil was made using A+++ Amanita red caps from Washington and they were processed for a complete moon cycle in Brags organic unrefined extra virgin olive oil. All the mushroom matter was drained leaving only the amazing medicine of the Amanitas.

Effects: Relieve topical body pain, headaches and produce body high. 

Dosage: Rub a small amount of oil on forehead for headaches, pain points on the body or feet. 

Kush and Mush for your puss

Kush and Mush for your puss is made using extracted oils of Amanita and CBD. The blend has 75% Amanita oil and 25% CBD oil. The Amanita was extracted for a complete moon cycle using Organic Olive Oil and the CBD was extracted using Coconut Oil. This unique medicinal method of inserting the capsules vaginally was inspired by new studies coming out about cannabis suppositories for various women’s issues from period pains, to endometriosis and other related second chakra traumas. I created this as a need from my own personal journey with ovarian cysts, wanting something for pain and also wanting a plant teacher to actually help identify and guide how to heal the root of the problem. So many of our physical illnesses are manifested through unhealed wounds and stored up emotional toxicity. So many women have stored up emotional wounds in their second chakra. So many women have irregular periods, cysts, endometriosis, hormone imbalance, manifested from mollest, rape, patriarchy, abuse, being suppressed, being controlled, being unappreciated, broken hearts, sadness, lonliness. Most of women’s wounds get stored in the second chakra. Prior to having my own shop I spent my time working one on one with women helping to release stored up emotional toxicity. I gave talks and traveled allover the world dedicating myself to the empowerment of women. The  medicine I make is intended to help us heal and feel better. My intention with this product is to heal the pain we have physically and help us get to the root cause of why its there in the first place. The Amanita Muscaria mushroom is an intelligent being that our ancestors worked with since the dawn of time. It’s widely misunderstood, manipulated by patriarchy and the church and its way understudied but as women we know our intuition and this is the grandmothers medicine. The CBD as we know lowers inflammation therfore is a great pain reducer. Insert in the puss and it creates a nice body high, while relieving pain as well as the Amanita spirit and teacher helping us to identify whats needs to be healed and revealed.

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