How to take responsibility for everything your creating


One of the first things you need to understand is that all things created in your life are coming from you.

Everything we see before us is a mirror reflection of whats happening inside us. Our feelings create things. If we feel fear than we create a low vibrational energy that is dense and not uplifting therefore we get stuck in situations that can keep us in the “fear” energy. The same goes if we create love or happiness.

Navigating this creation is what I call “Connecting the dots and following the signs”

You can understand that how you choose to see the world is how its going to be, our perspective is what shapes everything.  If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. Everything is based on our perception and creation.

Lets think about this as an example; “How did I create my family?” The principle states all things created are coming from you and this also includes the life experiences you chose to have before you came here. Based on what you signed up to do before you came here to planet earth to have this experience and help with the evolution of consciousness. You also chose your family members, your birth place, your parents, your ethninticity and your gender. Maybe you do not remember specifically filling out such a detailed form but understand that based on your soul and the lives you lived, you came here with things to do. In order for you to do those things, have those experiences or evolve towards love…certain things needed to be in place to help you as a part of your development.

Each person is having their own experience, living in their “own world”. So Imagine this; there are 7 billion people on the planet right now which means “spiritually” there are 7 billion universes, ( 7 billion perspectives) . Each person lives in there own universe created by them. I could be in the exact same place at the same time with another person and we could be having two completely opposite experiences. This is happening because we are all creating our own thoughts and living them out “in our own world”. Lets think about this for a moment; lets say you wake up every day feeling like life is so hard and whats the point of dreaming about something because it will never happen. You also have an attitude of being bitter, not happy and tired because you have to work so hard. Whats going to happen here is your thoughts and emotions send a signal to the energetic field of the universe and those thoughts and emotions are played back to you and only you because its “your universe, your world”

Ill share a personal story with you.

I was born in San Francisco California to a kind of “hippie, free spirit” mother who when she became pregnant with me didn’t have any idea at her young age what that meant to be a mom. She had no  support from anyone in her family to help her. Due to the sexual abuse she had at home she ran away at age 13 and was pregnant with me at age 19. During this time she had a lot of pain and confusion from all the abuse and as most people in these situations she turned to drugs to help her deal with it. Drugs such as heroine and cocaine helped mask the pain of her deeply abusive childhood. Growing up, her grandfather would mollest and rape her and her sister and brother as well as some of my cousins that were older than me.  I was born into 3 generations of hardcore abuse. How does a human choose this kind of situation?

In Shamanism or hypnotherapy you can access the past and remember these moments directly before you were born. During a hypnosis I saw myself sitting on a ledge with my main spirit guide and we were looking at my mother in the hospital and she was getting ready to birth me. She was all alone, she was young and very beautiful. She is an old soul, she has many gifts from her past lives of shamanism and being native american indian and I could see this. It was clear that we had chosen each other for this time and experience to help each other. I would bring her love and save her from wanting to commit suicide and she would bring me wisdom after she accessed her knowledge. Although the situation looked challenging…being born to this type of environment, I chose it 100%.

As  conscious creators who takes responsibility for the things we create we can now learn how to navigate our life in the direction we want . Navigating is my specialty and one of my favorite topics. I believe all women are navigators and have a special ability to see far far into the future. Because of our ability to birth and create life we are given “mother instincts” and “intuition”. A womans intuition is very strong when she practices and listens to it. Most of the time women do not hear their intuition because they don’t like what its saying. Its hard to listen to your gut when its telling you the boyfriend you have is not the best choice for you…deep down inside you know this is true, but you choose to proceed anyways, only to find out in the end with out surprise what you knew all along. If we follow our “intuition” its leads us to amazing places. You intuition is the first thought that comes to you mind before logic and fear.  With practice you can learn to grab that thought. This first thought is the answer, and it will navigate you in the right direction.

Don’t ever forget that you are the creator of your life. If you are not conscious and you just go through your daily routines without conducting don’t think you are not creating. Whatever is on repeat in your mind is what will play out in your experience. This will keep us in a daze and disconnect us from our subconcious. Our mind, as the buddhist call the “monkey mind” has a job, it is a machine like a computer and if you don’t clean it out or give it directions it will just operate on repeat. If you do not consciously set aside time each day to connect and navigate you will not create the things you want. You will be creating the same things everyday, whatever your complaining about, whatever your stressed about, repeat, repeat. If you want to create amazing things, than you need to talk with the universe and let it know what you want. Than you have to pay attention when the universe responds to you. How do you pay attention? First you have to start by clearing that machine, the “monkey mind” It will be hard to hear the universe when you are stressed and thinking about all the things you have to do. Create a to do list, its the simplest life changing tool you can give yourself. Get it out of your head and onto paper. Overtime you think about a task remind yourself its being dealt with from the to do list. Go to your to do list when the time is right and go through your tasks accordingly and spend the rest of your time focused on feeling good. When you feel good this is the energy you need to be in to hear the universe. Stress blocks us from hearing or creating. If you live in a stressful environment, do everything you can to lower that stress. Meditate, take herbs, eat healthy raw living food, dream, go in nature, exercise, make love, eat chocolate, volunteer at a charity. These are all things that don’t cost any money so there is no excuse to feel good. What you will find is that once you lift your vibration by doing things that make you feel good, more things will come into your life that make you feel good and life will become easier and you will find yourself in a flow state of light and easy vibration so you can manifest. Now you can conduct the universe as you get tapped in. Trust and have faith, this is real stuff! After you die, you go back to your spirit but what you need to remember is you are not going back to anything you are already spirit so use your spirit, talk to your guides, angels, power animals spirits…they are here to help you and want to help you. Spirits are also living life parallel to ours and have a mission in their life to be support their humans, your guides are tasked to support you and when you cant hear them they get sad and suffer in some way.

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