A walk with Pedro


Pedro (Hauchuma) (San Pedro) cactus from Peru is a psychoactive cactus containing mescaline very similar to Peyote but much more sustainable and abundant. 

I’ll share my story of walking with Pedro and what an experience with mescaline could be like. 

I was first introduced to Hauchuma from my ex (lover/friend Capricorn in my bad trip post) who brought it back from the jungle. He asked me if I wanted to try it and of course I said yes and that night on Pedro we were able to have the difficult conversations that had been stored up inside us and unresolved for so long. It had an MDMA vibe allowing us to listen, be more present and more compassionate with each other. All this while seeing flying dragons in the air and rainbow serpents. There is nothing to compare with mescaline. Its a super magical and amazing plant medicine kind of feels like LSD meets MDMA.

He gave me some Pedro and I shared it with my mother. My mom did her research before agreeing to ingest this medicine (however she is the one who introduced me to psilocybin). She told me she read that it binds serotonin and makes you happy and sounds like a beautiful experience. In the jungle when you take the powder they recommend 8TBS per person (this if weighed is around 27 gm which is quite a large amount. I had been micro-dosing it every day for the last few weeks because I had become obsessed with it so I took a larger dose than my mom. I took 4 tbs and she took 2 tbs. We packed a picnic and decided to take a long walk and spend the day with it. We drank the cactus, packed up our bags and headed on the trail. The trail that we hike at is a long beautiful trail in the forest along a river called Chico creek, its really beautiful and is not that busy during the day and also its a small town. 

Our sacred space

Hauchuma takes 2-3 hours to start working and you peak at around 5 hours. You can feel when its starting to work when your body starts to feel really yummy and relaxed, like all of a sudden you feel really good in your body. So we are walking and everything is starting to sparkle and become more vibrant. Hauchuma makes you want to connect with nature and it guides you to do so. I stopped at a flower and paused with it as it was so beautiful. It was a lily there was 3 of them and I held them in my hand and started talking to them and they started talking back to me and said “you can see me” and I said “yes I can see you and your sooo beautiful” and they started giggling. Their voice was child like a cartoon. All 3 of them started talking to me and they were laughing and dancing around and I shared with my mom what was happening.

We said goodbye to the lillys and continued on stopping at every beautiful tree, flower and piece of nature that wanted to say hello. My mom said it was as if all the plants knew we had eaten Pedro and they were very excited to talk to us. My mom said they were saying “Pedros coming Pedros coming” as we approached and they became alive. 

Talking Lilies

We went to a beautiful spot next to the water and the rocks started talking to me. The rocks told me to take off my clothes. So i told my mom Im going to get naked and there were a few people on the trail but I didn’t care, “I was talking to rocks over here”. After I took off my clothes the rocks told me to come over and sit on them and so I did and let me tell you it was the most satisfying feeling in my body to be vibrating with the energy of these ancient rocks. It felt amazing! The rocks were right to take off my clothes and sit with them. 

Talking rocks

We stayed at this location and then continued on up to a cliff. We sat at the top of the cliff where condors were flying right next to our head. It was quite dangerous where we were so we decided to go back down to river area where it was safer.


We were walking through these moss covered caves and we noticed how good the moss felt I looked over and saw my mom with her shirt lifted over her head and her breasts up against the moss wall and I started cracking up and I was like mom are you sure you don’t feel anything and she started laughing and understood what mescaline was. The moss felt so amazing. We climbed to the top of a rock and layed on the moss for a little bit. 


so we continued on our walk with Pedro and at the end of the trail we sat down to eat our lunch. This was about 4 hours later. We made a delicious plant based sandwich and we were just astounded at how amazing this sandwich tasted. Mescaline connects you deeper to the present moment so you can appreciate the deliciousness and aliveness in everything that when you are not present could very easily be missed. It seems as though we were so still that we could hear the plants and flowers communicate and see them with their actual personalities. I learned so much that day. The most important lesson was how much we are missing when we are not present and if we can just be more present in our life we can see so much. We did a lot of healing, especially my mom who had been in a deep depression for over a year while going through a nasty divorce. She said it was the first time in years she felt this happy. After our walk with Pedro I was determined to get more so I contacted every one I knew in Peru until I found a good source because its such an amazing medicine that I absolutely cannot live without.

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