5 ways to honor your sacred Moon Time

Why is our sacred blood ritual called “moon time” well because we used to bleed with the moon and our bodies are designed that way. Our cycle is every 29 days and so is the cycle of the moon. A woman’s body is directly parallel to the energy of the moon and just like the moon we have many phases as we go through the cycle.

Every day we experience a different blend of hormones, every single day. So no women are not exactly crazy, we are interesting and unique and magical beings.

When we lived in tribes women used to bleed together, with the full moon. Instinctively they knew that at the full moon was the time to purge everything out, closing and cleansing and that also at this time their intuition and psychic abilities were at its peak. Why do you think we are wide awake from the moons energy around the time of the full moon? Because we are directly connecting to its power. The full moon, combined with your blood, is the most heightened time for your creativity and intuition. Its a sacred time that should be honored. Have you ever read the book “the red tent” its a beautiful story that took place in BC, about a tribe of women who would gather in the tent together (the rent tent) at the same time, on the full moon, and they would do sacred ceremonies, magic rituals and received heightened information from the universe and their spirit friends. There is no difference from than to now only that we are so disconnected with nature that we cannot instinctively understand these things like we used to. This is why I think nature is so important and why i personally choose to live as far away from cities and energetic pollution as possible.

So how do we honor our moon time?

  1. Rest and listen to your body. Moon time is not a time to dive into work or be busy on your feet. Moon time is the time to disconnect from stress and reconnect with nature and get in tuned. Your at your most heightened psychic abilities during this time.
  2. Talk to your body and have it bleed with the same cycle as the moon. I know this is possible because I did it. How do we talk to our body? exactly as it sounds “body, we are going to bleed with the moon, start making the adjustments”. Throughout my entire life I was irregular and had many issues with my ovaries and yeast infections and cysts and all of this. I am no stranger to irregular periods so trust me if I can do it so can you and Im doing it. Im bleeding every 29 days and its either on or around two days after the full moon.
  3. Use tools to alleviate stress and cramping. My favorite tools for moon time are an amazing herb called white willow bark which is a natural herb for any pain. Works amazing and isn’t made from crap. Arnica to rub directly on my belly and around abdominal area. And of course chocolate is a must have for moon time. Holy basil to keep you calm. Black Cohosh to keep you sane. Stay away from caffeine and alcohol and any stimulants.
  4. Stay in ceremony. Every full moon Im opening a ceremony and doing rituals to work with its magical energy. Im extremely focused on my goals and new things I want to create. When you bleed your intuition is at its strongest so if you open a ceremony on full moon and keep the ceremony open until after you finish your moon time, this can be very powerful.
  5. Eat iron rich foods. Iron loss during moon time can cause you fatigue and to be dizzy and weak. When you have moon time, eat foods that are rich in iron to keep everything in balance. Some high iron foods to eat on your moon time; tempeh, lima beans, pistacios, quinoa, squash, cashews, collard greens, swiss chard, molasses.

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