My bad trip

I had been developing a deeper relationship with the wizard (what I call mushrooms) and was starting to navigate and understand the mushroom world really well. I think I had done 40 maybe 50 ceremonies at this point and never experienced a bad trip until this happened. I had been collecting symbols and keys in my dreams and unlocking doors in the mushroom world. I painted a card, it was the devil from the tarot deck. (Side story: I am designing and painting a tarot deck) Devil is the card of the Capricorn. On this card I painted a crescent moon and myself looking into a portal with the devil inside and all you can see is his eyes. The symbols here were Capricorn, devil, crescent moon, me looking inside this portal.

It was my birthday initiation I had been planning for years. I was turning 40, it was 4/20/2020 new moon and I had planned on being in the jungle with Ayhuasca medicine, but instead we got hit with Covid and my trip got canceled. I had saved these special mushrooms that were wild foraged from Mexico and were super strong. They were my favorite, I had been working with this particular mushroom a lot. I put the last bit of these mushrooms aside  for my birthday since my jungle trip got canceled. As my birthday approached I lost interest in my birthday and didn’t care anymore. I planned to see my friend in Joshua Tree and it was about a week after my birthday. This is the same friend I did so many of my mushroom ceremonies with in Joshua tree. (side note, he was a lover/friend with lots of wounds) I brought the mushrooms I set aside with me to Joshua Tree on my visit to him and we planned a little ceremony. We made an alter, I shared my birthday mushrooms, we each ate 3.5 gm. I shared my Wizard playlist with him for the first time which I was dying for him to experience and we drank the mushrooms.

Within 5 minutes I was feeling them and it was strong. I knew this was going to be different because I was breathing heavy and my whole body was tingling. I asked him if he felt them yet and he said no. We layed down and something jumped into my body. I grasped for air and grabbed my friends arm in a panic and asked him to help. He seemed like he didn’t want to help me so I layed back down and tried to calm myself down and figure out what was going on. After a few minutes I sat up and asked for help again and my friend had turned into a different person, he was a completely different man that I didn’t know and he gave me a key and than I said oh now I understand and he said “I don’t think I know what your talking about”. I grabbed the key he gave me (which was not a real key, this was a key in mushroom world) and got up as I wanted to go to the bathroom. As I stood up I fell to the floor. This thing was inside me and he was occupying my body.  I sat on the floor shaking my hands trying to understand these sensations in my body and get this thing out. I tried to stand up again and I couldn’t. I could barely crawl. Finally after sometime I have no idea it felt like 30 minutes I managed to stumble to the bathroom. I went to go pee and I looked out the window and there was the most beautiful crescent moon I ever saw. I called my friend to the bathroom and he came and we were both in awe of what we were looking at it was so magical outside. It seriously looked like a magic fantasy world of a sparkly crescent moon and the shiniest glistening colored stars and meteors. We sat there at the window together and then we separated, the energy started to get really weird probably because I had an entity inside me. My friend left the bathroom and I stayed there looking outside at the moon. As soon as my friend left, the entity was trying to choke me and I started screaming. I was screaming so loud like I was being murdered.

After sometime my friend came into the bathroom and told me he didn’t want to interrupt what I was going though but that I was disturbing his trip. I was literally being choked by a demon (Im calling it a demon because it was not a nice entity). Every time my friend came in the room, not to help me but to tell me I’m ruing his trip, the demon stopped and as soon as he left the demon was attacking me and I was screaming. I literally could not stop or control what was happening but my friend thought that I could which made the whole experience even worse to not have someone there to help you and to think your making stuff up or can control what is happening. To make it worse he was getting mad at me, calling me selfish and telling me to internalize what I was processing and to be quiet. Between the demon trying to choke me I was meeting and seeing a lot of demons in the sky outside that looked like the one in my painting. My eyes were cross eyed did I mention. I was looking into some other portal through cross eyed vision. It was like I could see another realm through this strange thing my eyes were doing. My body was also doing weird stuff the whole time and I was breathing really loud. My stomach hurt so I unbuttoned my pants so here I am cross eyed, being attacked and choked by a demon with my pants undone. 

My friend is a Capricorn. So I got the devil card I painted, the Capricorn player, the crescent moon and the demon all playing out in real time in mushrooms. So this experience left me tripped out after for a while, atleast a month. I felt like I had witnessed a real murder the next day. I felt terror and traumatized. And to make it worse that night ruined our friendship. But even though it hurts to lose someone you are bonded with and care about, sometimes you heal and you can no longer tolerate the toxicity.

But here is what I made of it:

When I started working with the Mexican strain of mushrooms my intention was always for healing. I was going deeper and deeper into the wounds so much that I was no longer in my wounds I was in the wounds of my ancestors. I come from rape. My great grandmother was gang raped by 14 teenage boys and she got pregnant. One of the boys stepped up to be the parent but we still have no idea who the real father was. That “boy” continued to rape my great grandmother, than he mollested and penetrated all of his children, their children and any friends and neighbors he could get his hands on. He ruined 3 generations of lives. Rape and mollest leaves a wound that trickles down through the lineage. Its a deep wound. It leaves you feeling unworthy, unloved, disposable, insecure, crippled and disfunctional. It effects your memory, your intimacy, your health, your mentality and your ability to function like a normal human. The effects are crippling and that’s why people do it, to cripple you. So this is where i went in my deep wound diving on psilocybin. And one time while I was in mushrooms I got taken to an underworld and I met the yucky great grandfather guy who was a demon. This demon was also somehow connected to my friend/boyfriend/disfunctional lover man in Joshua tree who I was doing all these ceremonies with who also had this same wound from his granfather. When I was in the underworld he was there too and he was standing next to my father and they were both drinking poison and inside the cup of poison was “toxic ego”. So i tried to fight this demon on that day but I spent the whole time chasing him so it seems like the very next time I went into that strain of mushrooms he jumped in my body and this time we were fighting and he was choking me. So for me this all makes sense. Collecting keys, following signs and symbols, all for the deeper healing of my ancestors, for my great grandmother who was raped, for my grandmother who was raped, for my mother who was raped and for my son and for my family. To heal this horrible and crippling wound that so many of us carry. 

So even though I was fighting this demon and screaming and crying, I was not scared at any moment. It was like I was a warrior chic going to battle and I knew what i had to do, that’s what it felt like. At the end I was able to transform this demon into something different and I met other spirits that were connected to my family and I spoke with them, most of them were nice and some of them were bad. I think the deeper you go in these worlds, the trippier it gets. But everything makes sense if you decode the symbols. After that experience I am no longer attracted to wounded dysfunctional men who remind me of my father so something shifted. I feel like big shifts are finally happening after so many years of healing.

Here is the card I painted before this experience.

Devil (the demon)
Capricorn card ( my Capricorn friend)
key ( I received a key from him)
Crescent moon ( There was a crescent moon outside)
The portal with the demon ( I went in there)
Five pointed star (means harmony through conflict in occult magick)

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